Feminism Can Be Cured (If Diagnosed Early)

henrymakow.com — April 22, 2018

curefeminismThe New World Order is a fait accompli.  They put “mission accomplished” (annuit coeptis) on the US dollar in 1929.
The Illuminati bankers control the life-blood of the economy, government credit, i.e. currency.  Yet no one is suspicious of their motives for promoting feminism and homosexuality in general?  Most women need a husband’s passionate devotion and the intimacy that comes from lifelong marriage.  Anonymous sex cannot compare to married sex. Women (and men) have been sold a bill of goods. 
But the cancer can be fought without radiation. 
Nicole writes:
 I have cited your Rockefeller/Feminism article hundreds of times over the years and I re-read it frequently to counteract the programming! One of my other favorites is your Politically Incorrect Advice for Young Men, which nearly all of my young male friends have received.  An article like this, aimed at women, could be equally powerful as the men’s advice.

By Henry Makow Ph.D.(updated from Nov 26, 2006)

I’ve had many emails from young feminists cussing me out for things I never said. So I was surprised to hear from “Megan” who actually read and understood my website. She realized feminist indoctrination had made her dysfunctional and she wanted help.
“I am a woman, 20-years-old, who is grossly independent, and grew up with a “no boy can be better than me” complex. I was very capable in school, which my environment encouraged, pushing me to always be smarter, better, faster; having heard all this from such a young age, nothing seemed out of place. An eating disorder, troubled marriage, broken relationship with my mother and other problems later (which the few female friends I have managed to keep also share), it’s obvious I need to rethink certain elements of my life: your work has found words for the silent, internal chaos which plagues my generation.
It is ironic to think that people, after having reached full physical maturity, could still need to READ to learn to become something as basic as the gender they were born with–but if we’ve been raised to be broken, we have to start somewhere.
I’ve noticed that … you say [feminists] are lost causes. For all of the lost causes out there, you may want to consider publishing an essay or some material which points to the road of redemption: God knows there are a lot of us, and I’d hate to have the opportunity to heal, written off as “too late,” and nothing more.”
Megan, congratulations for being so wise and articulate for your years. Here are some ideas:

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