Why Rockefeller Created Canadian & Quebec Nationalism

By Anonymous – Henry Makow.com April 24, 2010
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It seems counterintuitive but both Canadian nationalism and Quebec Nationalism were born in the late 1960’s out of the globalist plan for North American “free trade.” Canadian nationalism was needed to repatriate the Constitution, a prerequisite for Free Trade; while, Quebec nationalism was needed to reassure French Canadians their rights would not be jeopardized by this action.

This illustrates how the Illuminati often get what they want by appearing to seek the opposite. In Arnold Toynbee’s words in 1931: “The harder we press our attack upon the idol [of national sovereignty], the more pains we take to keep its priests and devotees in a fool’s paradise – lapped in a false sense of security which will inhibit them from taking up arms in their idol’s defense….”


In 1967, the hundredth anniversary of Canadian confederation, David Rockefeller gave a speech advocating a North American “Free Trade” zone. Free trade leads to the loss of economic sovereignty and one world government. Twenty years later, in 1988, Canadians re-elected Brian Mulroney who brought in Free Trade.

Mulroney was a Conservative but the Rockefellers owned both major political parties in Canada. They have owned the Liberal party ever since Mackenzie King was elected in 1921. King was a former employee of Rockefeller and his campaign were always paid with Rockefeller money. In exchange for this, the liberals would always raise the price of gasoline six months before and after an election in order to pay Rockefeller back.

In order to sign a Free Trade deal with the US, Canada had to be a sovereign country. This was achieved in 1982 when the Constitution was brought back from London. Otherwise, opponents of the deal could have made some sort of constitutional complaint which could have derailed the whole process.

The repatriation of the British North America act (BNAA) was tried several times but was always opposed in Quebec by true nationalists like Premier Maurice Duplessis. The BNAA gave a lot of autonomy to the provinces and any modification could only mean loss of powers for Quebec.

So the only way to reform the constitution would be through a phony crisis. Cue two old Commie Freemason friends: Lévesque and Trudeau. The same month that Rockefeller called for Free Trade, Justice Minister Pierre Trudeau proposed repatriating the Constitution.

Two months later, in November 1967, the PQ (Quebec Separatist Party) was born party to pressure Canada to repatriate the Constitution and to weaken Canada as a nation.

Quebec is run by French Grand Orient Freemasonry. This is the reason
this province went from arch Catholic to arch anti-Catholic today.
This also explain why Quebec has recently banned burkhas in government offices while France is also debating on the same subject at the same time.


The 1968 Bilderberg meeting at Mont Tremblant Quebec was attended by the future PQ leader Jacques Parizeau along with Trudeau, Claude Ryan (editor of the influential newspaper Le Devoir and future leader of the “NO” side at the 1980 “sovereignty association” referendum) as well as Jean Victor Allard, the Canadian army chief of staff…

Talk about false opposition. Both sides of the “Quebec Separatist” debate belong to the internationalist Bilderberg Club.

List of Bilderberg participants.

The last thing the Bilderberg wants is a real independent Quebec, nor do they want a truly independent Canada.

What they want is REGIONALISM, meaning a weak and decentralized Canada which is easier for the globalist to manipulate, like the countries in the EU for example. So the globalists encouraged Quebec nationalism to weaken Canada.
Quebec premier Robert Bourassa was a great admirer of the European model of decentralized power: Canada requires “elastic federalism” he told the CFR in Jan. 1969.

In 1976, René Lévesque gave a speech at the CFR in Chicago before he became premier asking for US support.

In the 1980 referendum, the YES side only got 42% of the vote which was also the same % that the PQ got at the 1976 election. They won a majority of seats but lost the popular vote. In fact, the PQ never got a majority of votes in any provincial elections so how could they still dream to win over a majority of the votes in a referendum?


Canadian nationalism and Quebec separatism have only served as a catalyst to advance free trade and the New World Order.

In 1982, Canada become sovereign. Ironically this was only a step toward losing its sovereignty again.

A day BEFORE the constitution was repatriated in March, 1982, the Canadian Senate published a report on the necessity of free trade. The following year Free Trade talks with the US began.

PQ leaders have always been great supporters of free trade and globalism. On March 26,1985 separatist and future Premier Bernard Landry came out for Free Trade.

Future Separatist Premier Jacques Parizeau called for a North American currency in Dec 1991.

Canadian nationalists were also globalist shills. All of this provides another reminder that mainstream politics is a charade designed to steer the public down a path established decades if not centuries ago.


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