Tolerance, Diversity and the Satanic Monoculture

Henry Porter and Afua Hirsch on their Guardian ‘Liberty Central Blog’ put up an article under the title “THERE IS NO CASE FOR FAITHS TO GET SPECIAL TREATMENT IN COURT”. Read it here.

I posted the following comment along with many others related to the article. It was taken down, as usual, by the ‘moderator’. Censorship comes quick and mean in our ‘tolerant society’.
Thank you Henry. Thank you Afua. Thank you ‘moderator’. You make my point for me perfectly.

Quote from article: “The supreme court is noted for high-profile characters of Jewish descent. Lord Neuberger has been singled out for criticism by some Christian groups because of a recent judgment.

It is unthinkable that anyone would question the legitimacy of these judges on the basis of their religion or descent.”

Why is it “..unthinkable”?

The Talmud violently blasphemes against Christ and His mother. This is a fact.

It might be unfair to raise a suspicion of malign bias against a particular judge but “unthinkable”?….surely not. We can all see what is beginning to happen to Christians in our society.

Orthodox (Talmudic) Judaism and Freemasonry, both of which in their writings overtly declare global hegemony as their objective, have always identified Christianity (and Catholicism in particular) as their greatest enemy. It is naive to imagine that contemporary attacks on Christian culture and Christians are not deliberate and systematic.

A new secular religion based around ideas like ‘tolerance’, ‘diversity’, ‘anti-racism’ and ‘multiculturalism’ is being deliberately installed in the West in a determined effort to separate man from his God. These ideological totems are, by the way, utterly fraudulent (just like their forerunner, atheistic communism).

‘Health and Safety’ legislation, a soft tyranny that conditions us into a sense of passive helplessness under the guise of extreme concern for our welfare and safety, is a supportive first cousin to these enslaving paradigms.

Both ‘communism’ and modern ‘political correctness’ are really power plays designed to produce the exact opposite of their stated goals. Communism preached ‘equality’ and ‘ownership of the means of production by the workers’. The bankers who funded Trotsky and Lenin knew that the ideology was merely a tool for psychological, spiritual and (via these) material enslavement of the masses where all power would become concentrated in a very small number of hands (i.e. their own). The Communist system was, like our own, oligarchical….only more so.

Similarly, total centralisation of power (globalism) is the real aim of modern ‘diversity’ and ‘tolerance’ propaganda. Every thing will be tolerated, excepting (surprise, surprise) opposition to central authority. The corruption that inevitably goes with this tolerance will serve to further disempower the masses.

‘Diversity’, ‘anti-racism’ and multiculturalism’ are being promoted in order to rob us of our specific ethnic and cultural identities.

It is good old ‘divide and rule’.

Ireland, for instance, used to be a very particular and interesting place with a strong and specific cultural identity. Now it is hardly different from any other part of Britain or, should one say, Europe. Any stranger who falls asleep drunk in Tralee town centre might easily wake up and imagine they are in Belgium. This change has been achieved over a very short period of time. The point is that the people at the top who are, as usual, working to expand and enhance their power know that the ‘diversity’ agenda will produce a global monoculture where all countries will be more or less the same serving the will of a dominant global financial elite.

Some ‘diversity’.

Even ‘anti-racist’ ideology (not in itself a bad thing), that is rigidly enforced by the likes of Justice Neuberger, appears a sinister tool when its consequences are impartially examined. It looks increasingly like an instrument of intimidation used to discourage people from challenging policies of mass immigration and the aforementioned destruction of many indigenous cultures. It also serves to inhibit expression of what, for any observant person, would simply be fair comment…..that Jews exert massively disproportionate influence and control disproportionate wealth in our society (and elsewhere)to the point where, to be specific, the USA and the UK might fairly be described as Zionist states.

Our foreign policy certainly serves Zionist interests rather than our own….or does anyone out there believe that Iran (or Iraq or, for that matter, Afghanistan) constitute a real threat against us?

Oh, and the one place that seems to be exempted from a culture of ‘anti-racism’, ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’ is Israel.

What contempt the globalist social engineers must have for us all. How amusing it must be to lightly toy with and yet so thoroughly confound our souls. Surely this must be the money masters sweetest reward.

These memes are satanic frauds designed to distance and ultimately separate us from our deepest and holiest spiritual instincts. We are being brainwashed to substitute the fake political ‘love’ of the ‘diversity’ culture for the real Love that Christ (and other genuine religious leaders) exemplified and that His injunctions still demand of us. This is a great disaster for us all because self-serving globalists and their agents are ever-more-successfully occupying the ground in the individual and group mind that should rightly be under the influence of pure God-given conscience. It has reached the stage where we will believe any lie and accept any outrage carried out on our behalf.

So…….unthinkable??….to you maybe, Henry and Afua……..and it must be admitted that society has been so intensively subjected to the blatherings of these fiends that people, including judges, will entirely destroy Christianity (whose ideology of universal love and selflessness is our only hope) because they have come to genuinely believe it is the right thing to do.

We have swallowed so many lies. We have attacked countries that can not threaten us. We have murdered millions of innocent Muslims over the past 5 decades to further the interests of ‘our’ corporate elite. We are bombing Pakistan this very day. We believe every imaginable kind of lie put before us, ignoring a long history of state-sponsored false-flag terrorism to trick us into misidentifying who our enemy really is.

….yet we still listen to the curdling, canoodling love-speak that these liars place in the policy documents of our politicians and whisper into our undiscerning ears.

“Health and Safety!”

“Health and Safety!”

“We love you so much!”

“We love your children So much!”

No you don’t. You think nothing of murdering innocent children in their beds.

You hate us and fear that one day we will understand you.

You only want to control us.

Nothing else.

The above post was removed by Guardian ‘moderators’.

The Guardian (and the rest of the corporate-owned mainstream media)can stand aside and even applaud the destruction of Christian practices and our Christian heritage while simultaneously (and continually) prozelytising on behalf of the new globalist moral imperative, the ‘diversity’ agenda….the kind of ‘diversity’ that will, and I believe is intended to, render Christianity to extinction.

As regards ‘tolerance’ of different perspectives. By systematic censorship and exclusion of contrary opinion the Guardian and all its enlightened and intellectual pals clearly demonstrate just how ‘tolerant’ they really are.

Jewish convert to Christianity, Henry Makow, makes more certain and savage judgement against Justice Neuberger here. As Makow says ‘tolerance’ mostly means tolerance of evil.

“Now we see the real spirit of the ‘tolerance’ culture.”