You’re a “Fascist” if…

You’re a fascist if:

1. You believe in God, and a moral and spiritual order.

2. You believe in democracy.

3. You believe your country should retain its racial character and not be inundated by immigrants so that it becomes unrecognizable. You believe that if Israel can enact laws to protect its racial character, so can North America, Europe and Australia.

4. You believe in the sanctity of marriage and family. You believe in gender differences. You believe, along with many homosexuals, that homosexuality is not a lifestyle choice but a developmental disorder.

5. You resist the plan of a Masonic international financial cartel, the central bankers, to integrate your country into a tyrannical world government which they control through their puppets.

6. You believe the mass media is controlled by a handful of tycoons beholden to this cartel. You believe it routinely propagandizes and deceives.

7. You believe the government has been subverted by this cartel, and most leading politicians are Freemasons beholden to it. You want politicians to represent the national interest.

8. You believe Barack Obama is a “Manchurian candidate,” essentially an artificially created front-man for this cartel. He was born in Kenya. He is not an American, was never a real law professor. There is no record of his academic achievement.

In other words, you’re a fascist if you know the truth and uphold it.
You’re fascist if you believe in the highest values of Western civilization.


I listen to the radio when making my breakfast, and switch on the TV while eating it. The Sunday media was all about demonizing loyal citizens as “fascists.” Once they create this mentality, it will be easy for them to attack one of their own and blame it on the patriot community. Or, more seriously, carry off another false flag like 9-11 or Oklahoma City, and blame it on loyal Americans.

MSNBC had a panel of banker hacks pontificating on the parallels between Timothy McVeigh and the Tea Parties. Bill Clinton made a statement suggesting that some disgruntled Americans were “deeply disturbed” people. This from a man who butted his cigars in an intern’s vagina, while President.

Here in Canada, the CBC (Canadian Brainwashing Corp) has a long documentary vilifying nationalists in Hungary for trying to regain control of their country from the international bankers and their factotums. It characterized the Jobbik Party as “far right” and lamented they got 17% of the vote.

Why is it that everyone is allowed to protected their interests but white, Christian heterosexuals and patriots? Answers: These people stand in the way of the New World Order.

The globalist traitors have to demonize patriots because they can’t answer them truthfully. They can’t produce Obama’s birth certificate. They can’t produce tapes that showed a passenger plane (not a missile) hit the Pentagon on 9-11. They can’t explain why WTC-7 , a 47-floor building, was wired for demolition on 9-11, and demolished. Are we supposed to believe the twin towers weren’t wired and demolished too?

If patriots are “far right,” what are the liberals and socialists who control North America and Europe? For the New World Orderly, everyone who is not a traitor to his country and civilization, is “far right.” Everyone who resists their evil agenda is a fascist.

What does that make them?