Bombshell: UK Accused Of Plotting Syria War Back In 2009

Sophie McAdam — Activist Post Dec 17, 2015


In this illuminating interview on French television program LCP, France’s former Foreign Minister Roland Dumas claims Britain planned to invade Syria long before protests against Assad began in the country, and that it would do this in order to defend Israel.

In the interview, first televised in 2013, Dumas states that during a visit to England (“two years before the hostilities began in Syria”), he was asked whether he would be willing to participate in a plot to overthrow President Bashar Assad, who (along with many other Arabic leaders) was considered an enemy of Israel.

“I met with English officials, and some of them- who are my friends- admitted to me, by asking my opinion, that they are preparing something in Syria,” Dumas tells the anchors, who look increasingly uncomfortable as his story progresses. “England was preparing the invasion of the rebels,” Dumas goes on.

This operation was prepared, conceived and organized for the simple purpose of removing the Syrian government. It’s important to know that this Syrian regime is anti-Israeli.

Dumas then explains his experience of Israeli foreign policy: He claims he was once told by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:

We will try to get along with neighboring states, and those who we don’t get along with, we will take them down.

In a nutshell, Dumas claims it was President Assads anti-Israel stance that made Syria a target for Western-backed regime change. The crucial thing to note is that the so-called Arab Spring, which happened in 2011 and seemed at the time to be a wonderful example of people power, was potentially (with hindsight) orchestrated by the West: after all, we now know the CIA created a ‘Cuban Twitter’ in 2010 to bring down Castro’s government from the inside out. We also know that the USA has a very long history of overthrowing governments that don’t do as they are told. Therefore, Dumas’s claims that the UK, presumably along with the Pentagon, planned the Syrian invasion in 2009 could point to a similar manipulation of reality. This happened two years before the Arab Spring sparked protests against Assad’s government, which served as the green light for the West to go in and oust Syria’s leader, just as they did in Egypt and Tunisia.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about this interview is the way that the two journalists interviewing Dumas are absolutely unwilling to accept his claims, despite the fact he has absolutely no reason to invent such a story. They roll their eyes, they question his testimony; in short, they don’t do their job properly. But this revelation is by no means the only clue that what is happening now in Syria is far more complex than we are led to believe by the mainstream media.

In recent weeks, True Activist has reported that:

  • I.P addresses of ISIS members have been traced back to the British government.
  • There is evidence that our ally Turkey is illegally selling arms to ISIS- and also buying oil from them.
  • Israeli commanders have been accused of training ISIS and leading their operations, as well as manufacturing drones sent by the terror group into Iraq.
  • Monsanto has supplied chemical weapons to the USA and Israel.
  • A long-term, in-depth investigation by Amnesty International has concluded that the USA is to blame for the enormous arsenal of weapons now held by ISIS.
  • The global arms trade is out of control, war exists only for profit, and arms dealers have been caught celebrating the chaos in the Middle East.
  • There is conclusive evidence that the USA supported the rise of ISIS to destabilize the region for its own agenda.
  • Terrorist attacks in the West provide a convenient excuse to take away your civil liberties, despite all this growing evidence that Western leaders are ultimately to blame for the chaos.
  • It’s not just Syria: The USA and Britain planned to invade Iraq one year before the lies about Saddam Hussein’s ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’.
  • In fact, a former Army General and a former Bush Administration Secretary claim the entire ‘War On Terror’ was planned well in advance, and will end with Iran.
  • We also know now that governments pay the corporate media to spin their lies for them.

Every single one of the stories above come from reputable sources such as news agencies, NGOs, and government whistleblowers, but you won’t find any of this in the mainstream media.

On top of all this, we’ve recently featured many testimonies from drone pilots, a former marine, and several investigative journalists who have been trying to educate the public about the truth: it’s actually Western countries who are screwing the whole world up. We are lied to on a daily basis: if you’re wondering why the Islamic State hasn’t attacked Israel or any of our other Middle Eastern allies, you’re on the right track to understanding what’s really going on.


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  2. […] Bombshell: UK Accused Of Plotting Syria War Back In 2009 […]