Homeless Jewish Woman Describes Her Life

by Marla Rogers — (henrymakow.com) Dec 16, 2015

marlaIt is virtually impossible to survive this nightmare of 17 years of homelessness. I have never seen a town as deranged, degraded and filled with reversal energy as El Cajon.
Every person, store, business and building in this hellish town acts like they belong in a mental institution for the criminally insane. If you need to cross the street, they will block you. I went to a corner and found they suddenly put up the ridiculous sign, “No pedestrian crossing”.
I had to cross three corners just to get to the original corner that I wanted, wasting my energy and time.
I spent yesterday in the library reading magazines to distract myself from my pain. Even the library is rigged against poor people. Their computer only lets you stay on it for 2 hours and then it ends your time whether or not anyone else wants to use the computer.
El Cajon, California. Click to enlarge

El Cajon, California. Click to enlarge

It will sit idle rather than let you continue your search for jobs or housing. The malicious actions of El Cajon, a seriously demented town, shows that it is rigged to make you fail and keep you homeless.
I was reading magazines when a homeless woman arrived with her enormous cart which she parked at a table where a homeless male sat. Soon I could hear his loud snoring. More homeless people meandered about the library using it as their daytime homeless shelter.
This town also has a prison mentality with its guards everywhere you go. The Assessor’s office has a guard who once chased me down the street by the bus stop as if he wanted to assault me.
There is no place where I can go to recuperate from the unrelenting stress of this horrible life. I am forced to live with hunger and sleeplessness as my constant companions. The hardships I face of having no home, no bed, no bathroom, no kitchen, no car, will most likely bring on my death.
The selfish greed of El Cajon is evident by the many vacant buildings which could very easily house the homeless for a night. Every business proudly insults the homeless with their selfish, “No public bathroom” signs in their windows.
I pray to God to get me to Los Angeles, San Francisco or anywhere my literary communication skills can be useful.


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