Beware the Schadenfreude my Son

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I don’t have much and… for whatever the reasons, I haven’t achieved much in the ordinary sense on this plane. People’s success is usually measured in position and wealth. Of course, I know this is not always so and my gratitude for what I do have can not be expressed in words; nor can my gratitude for being saved from the things that would only have detained me here longer than I sincerely wish to be.

I note a great deal of glee in certain circles about the pedophile scandals and the general exposure of immoral behavior in those entrusted with serving humanity in all of the faiths. I haven’t seen any Buddhists tagged yet but I’ve seen multiples from all of the rest.

The atheists are crowing, as if this proves the non-existence of the God they don’t believe in. All it actually proves is the frailty of man and the power of the darkness of the times. Actually, these times are not so different from many another time. The only difference is that things long concealed are coming to light in this time of The Apocalypse.

We may think ourselves above the weaknesses of those who have fallen in the public eye but we are not. Any one of us could, through circumstance and fortune, be standing where they are now. One should never over estimate the degree of their own personal strength or assume that we are above certain behaviors. Each of us contains within us the potential for anything and you are a fool if you think otherwise.

It is a dangerous and unprofitable game to take satisfaction from the misfortune of others; however richly deserved it may be. None of us knows the whole of the story in any of these cases. It is also a stupid misuse of logic to presume that any example or collection of examples proves anything about the reality and nature of the divine.

What is happening now is happening for a reason. The institutions of the past are bankrupt of all virtue and sanity. Necessarily, they must pass. They must fall and the reasons for this are being revealed to us each day. This is not a proof that the divine is not present. It is proof that the divine is very much present for that is who is behind the revelations and exposures. One might say, inasmuch as that were possible, that one of the definitions of the divine is, truth. It is what is truer than anything else. This is why I like to occasionally say that when the truth takes off her clothes, the world disappears.

It is also easy to see that a certain culture is being shown as a major element in the troubles of the day and for a long time before. History shows us that this culture has been expelled from nearly every country in the world and for good reason. Those reasons are always the same. This culture has a deep and serious relationship with the material side of existence and therefore, they are often to be seen tinkering with and seeking control over it. Some would say they are the children of The Devil and in many cases this is so. As a result, some want to declare that everyone who is a part of this culture is evil.

I do not know what evil is exactly, except to say that it is to be outside what is real and true and to behave in a manner that is opposed to the greater good. I might identify it as selfishness from which proceed all of the other ills. I might identify it as ignorance in the sense that, “they know not what they do”. I might identify it any number of ways but in all cases it would imply a departure from ones central self into a false identity which indicates a willing embrace of mortality. One could say in that respect, “verily they have their reward”.

I’m amused when people throw the Bible at me as if I might suddenly be illuminated by something I missed or as if I had never taken the trouble to read it at all. I am extraordinarily familiar with the contents of that book. Let this not seem a presumption on my part that I comprehend it entirely. That is not possible at this time but the generosity of the divine is without measure and I rely on that for whatever it is I am meant to become; whatever I am meant to know.

Taking pleasure in the downfall of others is not smart. Lower your head and give thanks that you were spared and pray that it may continue. Seek the favor of the divine and pay no mind to the attentions of any other. Our secret heart is well known. Everything about us is known. Things we do not know about ourselves are very well known. We are known and hopefully some day we “shall know, even as we are known”.

Writing at Smoking Mirrors is not often an enjoyable task and pointing the finger is not an enjoyable position. If the truth were more widely known and if more of us were engaged in making the truth more widely known then that task might be put aside. Until it is, one has to do what one is inspired and motivated to do but… I take no pleasure in it.

People should not presume that they are saved from the troubles to come simply because they are behaving correctly. This is not the criterion that is employed to that end. It is far more likely that one will be encircled by protection if one is actively seeking the company of the divine for no other reason that to enjoy it; because nothing else is important and… in this particular regard I can say with some authority that that is true.

We really should feel a sincere compassion for these priests and so many others who have been betrayed by their weaknesses. Even more so we should have a large sympathy for those who have relied upon the presence of the church for the exercise and evidence of their faith. Much good has come to many through the generosity of various institutions. It is a hard place to be, to have something so integral to your being be exposed as a den of corruption.

Most of us do not possess the wisdom to exist apart from religion. Many of us are in an earlier stage of understanding. This does not make them any less important or dear to the divine and so, the same should be true of us. Pride and arrogance are terrible things. It is a serious mistake to set ourselves up in our own minds as being wiser than the rest. In an instant, one formerly considered ignorant and crude, could awaken to a state far beyond our own. We have no idea what is what and assuming we do guarantees a lesson to that effect, sooner or later.

Anyone who has been in the presence of a realized master has noted how deeply humble they are. There is good reason for that. It is part of an understanding they have come to and it is impressed upon them at all times and I imagine they are truly grateful that it is. One can rise to considerable heights and then fall. It has happened. No one is safe from such a tragedy that does not place their destiny and faith completely in the hands of the divine. No one is safe who does not actively seek instruction at all times so that they may be a more fitting servant. One of the greatest wisdoms is to seek the criticism of the divine. We’re blind and naked and stumbling in the dark and it is not prudent to forget it.
It may well be true that all of those being exposed and ruined are deserving of their fate but that is not our concern. Our concern should be upon ourselves; watchful and earnestly seeking guidance and counsel. Our heart and our hand should be extended so that the master might take it into his own. Fortune is a fickle lady. She will walk into the club on the arm of one man and walk out on the arm of another and there’s no such thing as luck.

One might say that what appears to be luck is connected to a certain processing of events and that too, departs quickly and cannot be implored to return. Often it is conferred to cause ruin. Always remember that good fortune can be as unfortunate as bad fortune. It just hasn’t happened yet.

Everything we think and say and do paves the road on which we walk. Even our best efforts and intentions are not enough. We must have a guide and the most important work you will ever engage in is to sincerely seek the favor of such a one who represents the mind and the will of the divine. I’ve said enough.

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