How Russians Staged Polish “Regime Change”?

I have read all the evidence available on the net, and a lot seems to contradict, so will solve it. There were several reasons Russia wanted a regime change in Poland, and the trip was intentionally delayed by Putin – this information is all on the net. Putin landed about a week before for all the formal ceremonies, and Smolensk is a military airport; not at all civilian, and the plan was hatched. In fact there was special radar equipment installed for his arrival for a safe landing.

The pilots approaching Smolensk contrary to media reports diverted their landing elsewhere based on the reports given to them by the tower and probably landed at another military airport in Belarus. Then the old KGB arrested all, and none of these people will ever see the light on day. It is called the plane-switch, whereby, an identical plane was ordered from somewhere with four in the cockpit, according to union laws of flight in Russia, to deliver a passenger to Smolensk.

Now, remember that Putin was there about a week before, and his comrades in the tower were given orders to fudge a landing and cause an intentional crash for the patsies flying in on a very fixed schedule; plan a clean up team to make things look good; kill anyone in sight; and the black boxes would be fixed to say this or that; propaganda would abound to confuse; and you will all be rewarded.

Henry there is no other explanation, but when my theory is put in place it makes sense.

Makow comment: This would account for why there were no ambulances. The plane was empty except for possibly the pilots who may have been killed. The same kind of airport “reception” may have greeted the passengers on the 9-11 planes.

Crash Videographer murdered


How Satanists Say “We’re Sorry”
Henry Makow – Henry April 14, 2010

In April 1940, the Soviet NKVD massacred the cream of Poland’s nationalist and Christian intelligentsia in the Katyn Forest and elsewhere. They were slaughtered because they wouldn’t agree to join the Communists in fronting a future occupation of Poland.

Seventy years later, on April 10, 2010, the heirs of the NKVD, who still run Russia, probably finished the job. They probably engineered a plane crash which killed the Polish President, the heads of the army and navy, the secret service and much of the patriotic wing of the Polish government. Thus they neatly eliminated one more obstacle to Satanic world government which is descending on the planet like a dreaded darkness.

This is how Satanists say, “We’re sorry!” By repeating the outrage, again and again, until they are finally stopped.

The grounds for suspicion are numerous.

1. The plane was Russian and had recently been “refurbished” in Russia.

One blogger, a pilot, wrote, “Circumstances, however, point to a major accident or intentional blocking of the control system. Such a blockade may be intentionally installed so that it launched at a release from the chassis or flaps on the line immediately before landing.” (Most information is from articles linked on Jane Burgermeister’s site.)

2. As in the Pentagon attack, where there was no wreckage, there were no bodies to be found. Here is the YouTube. If the plane was at tree height, there would have been survivors. There would have been bodies. There would been luggage. As with the 9-11 passengers, it is possible the occupants were taken off the plane somewhere else, held or murdered. On Saturday, Russian authorities said all bodies had been found. On Monday the story had changed.

A Polish observer wrote: “Given the unlikelihood of Poland’s top political and military leaders flying on the same plan, the execution or kidnapping of some of them in Poland cannot be ruled out. To explain their deaths to the general public, their names could have been added to the passenger list. According to media, only 14 bodies could be identified in Moscow with the rest being too badly burned.”

A Polish friend wrote to me:”There is no sign of even one body or blood, the Polish cameraman thought that the plane was empty and when he was walking and recording it, he just noticed in shock that the plane was Polish but still didn’t know it was President’s plane.

“The plane was very low, at the level of trees but they could recognize only 14 bodies, the rest was shattered into pieces or burnt and needed DNA testing.

“They never called any ambulances, no doctors, only one fire engine and immediately they stated that nobody survived. In this video there is nobody searching for bodies, nobody looking if any people needed help, just fire engine and quite quickly coffins were sent. They said first that all the bodies were found and then next day, that only 14 could be recognized and they were still searching for bodies. There is lie after lie. Most of the people on the plane were the president’s supporters and belonged to his party, being in strong opposition to prime minister who wasn’t there.The cameraman was caught and pushed away from the place, he said later on TV that there was no chance there could be over 80 bodies ( which was cut off later from TV interview), he hasn’t seen even one.”

3. The entourage was supposed to travel by train. Suddenly the plans were changed and the generals were induced to join the group.

4. Eye witnesses heard explosions. A bomb? Another said the fog appeared just before the landing and quickly dispersed afterward. The Russians claimed the pilot didn’t speak Russian which turned out to be a lie. The New York Times peddled the story that the President made the pilot land against his better judgment. This is the same New York Times that hid Stalin’s mass murders from the American people.

My Polish friend writes: “Others say clearly about hearing the noise like from a bomb exploding and then silence. Besides, if there are awful conditions the plane is not allowed to land and the airport is closed for landing.

“It seems, that they were just normally trying to land with no worries and problems and suddenly something happened with the plane that lead all of them to death.

“The most valuable, christian and patriotic head of Poland has been wiped out with one blow, now the way is free, nobody will interrupt big brother any more.”

I don’t know how the Satanists pulled off 9-11 but I know the official story is not true. The same applies here. Accidents like this don’t happen by accident. In one stroke, the globalist Masons, who are behind Putin as well as Obama, removed a thorn in their side.

By virtue of its Catholic heritage, Poland is one of the last bastions of civilization in Europe. This will make the struggle of the Polish people, and all those resisting satanic and globalist enslavement, all the more difficult.

Update From our Polish Correspondent

Yesterday, this video appeared on youtube. This is really shocking. It was deleted in the morning. You can hear 4 shots there, at the end, there are Polish words – “Change of Plans.”

The cameraman is swearing and scared, before shooting you can hear in Russian – dawaj gnata – which is give me the gun. Maybe you know Russian. It’s on the website of one of Polish TV channels. It says that army specialists are going to examine that. People are shocked, the situation is getting serious, some people are manipulated and rioting in the streets against burying the president in King’s Castle in Cracow. It’s awful, it’s clear manipulation. Very suspicious and quick changes in the army, lots of hidden bad things happening.