Sarah Palin – Is Tea Party Mascot New World Orderly?

See @1:38 …Mrs. Evangelical Pentecostal Christian (ALTER) flashing Baphomet (devil horns) sign 1:54, while underage Willow holds brother (nephew?) wearing sly grin as Mommy gives occult shout out

– btw tall blonde woman to left of Lee Greenwood is Lynn de Rothschild, wife of Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, world’s foremost Zionist money lord from “City of London” controller of world’s finance through Bank of England/B.I.S./ IMF/ World Bank & Central Bank of each nation.

Singer Lee Greenwood (identified by Cathy O’Brien is notorious MK programmer/handler of Mind Controlled Slaves…yes Mr. “I’m Proud To Be An American” is a member of sadistic global management cult, using rape/torture trauma to create DID (MPD) sex-slaves used to carry messages between themselves and make underground porn (much of it using children) USA! USA!


Palin exhibits ALL signs of a Monarch Prog’md Mind Controlled, Beta-trained Sex Slave w/DID (formerly MPD) “Marionette” or (DOLL Prog’mg) “Oz-Dorothy” Prog’mg… as well as her children, especially Piper (degenerate pedophile elites prefer children.) How many times, as she criss-crosses the country, have we heard her screech “Piper’s here today!” (and who can forget the famous “hand lick”)…Sarah plays traditional role in multi-generational MK family as Mommy “the presenter”…what does this say about Chuck and Todd? Fathers are ALWAYS the first to subject victim to trauma via ritual rape/torture, causing “trauma- bonding”…

Sarah Palin was contestant no. (8) when she won 1984 Miss Wasilla Pageant, no. (8) was also Todd’s (handler/suitcase-pimp) snowmobile no. at that time — given her birthdate 2/11/64 and the important role this “bloodline” Monarch was chosen for, it’s very possible she was programmed by Mengele (Dr. Green a.k.a. Angel of Death)

The media driven “fantasy narrative” surrounding Palin is Occult-Masonic w/Disney themes, re-enforcing Marionette (Doll prog’mg) as well as her obvious Beta-sex-slave (KITTEN) alters. These signals are easily identified by players in global mgt team — MSM non-stop coverage of her “look” (image) was specifically done to burn into minds of public her image as sex-symbol. Sarah’s “doll-ification” was the work of Gail Hodges Burt, whose hubby (former U.S. Amb. to Germany 85-89) is senior partner in Kissinger Assoc., Inc. — Gail meticulously selected attire to re-enforce Sarah’s “doll prog’mg” w/lots of occult red/black, black/white, hair (beauty pageant doll styles) glasses, and of course the “ruby red slippers” (Dorothy Oz prog’mg) — lately her palms are being emphasized — these are all signals to global mgt. team that Palin is MK bloodline (hierarchical) like Cisco Wheeler, she has been groomed since birth, born into sinister MK system, genetically engineered to serve them ONLY! This explains her erratic, almost schizophrenic behavior — the children (esp. Piper) criss-crossing the country w/ her, indoctrinated in mostly ALL male political, military environments, w/Todd acting as “suitcase pimp”

…According to Brice Taylor, where ever global mgt. team members meet, there are ALWAYS underage MK’s for them to play with! Pedophila is common among Presidents, and is the main tool used for blackmail. MK’s have “photographic memories” w/ alters tasked to record everything they experiance during sessions, then download their memory files…so, one can only imagine the immense power this gives someone like Henry Kissinger in the affairs of our government! ent team in luxury hotel suites and estate homes — Palin’s front “alters” as model/actress, beauty queen, news anchor, politician, outdoor’s woman are obvious. First Palin images released to public were of her in stars and stripes bikini w/rifle, black leather micro-mini, then phony Vogue cover (she was featured, but NOT on cover (note headline “altered states” referring to her MK’d memory files ) The public was being “mind controlled” to accept her as GOP pin-up doll, as a sex-symbol first, all her other talents (alters) are secondary…which “mirrors” her prog’mg…


“She’s going to learn at the feet of the master” – Rick Davis, McCain campaign spokesman

Translation: MK’d GOP “doll” Palin has been programmed to download/upload coded intel, and been summoned by her degenerate globalist master/programmer, Zionist-war criminal, Bohemian Grove member, Rothschild/Rockefeller Syndicate agent Henry Kissinger…who famously stated “power is the ultimate aphrodisiac…”

Kissinger positively identified as sinister MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Control Programmer/Handler by Brice Taylor on cover of her stunning expose “Thanks For The Memories” detailing horrors of global mgt. team sadistic Monarch Mind Control Program, which uses early childhood rape/torture/trauma techniques to CREATE DID (formerly MPD) in victims used as sex-slaves, couriers of coded intel, drug mules, assasins,and political characters used to mold society into willing slaves in One World Rulership plot -these ” human robots” serve global elites… they are the “Master Race” the Nazi’s (funded by Rothschild/Rockefeller and American corp. interests) sought to create…

Palin was summoned to NY in 2008 to offices of Kissinger Assoc.Inc., 350 Park Ave & 51st -announcing to global management team that Alaskan MK-Kitten was under control of “Dr. K” — one of the most sadistic MK-Ultra Monarch programmers/handlers – “alters” created from her “fractured mind” (remember shattered-glass reference during intro speech in Dayton, Ohio — 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling) had performed brilliantly, distracting electorate, allowing Rothschild/Rockefeller agents/banksters (Paulson & Bernake) to loot U.S. Treasury once again, triggering massive credit crunch, plunging American citizens into a never ending cycle of debt and despair.

(See “Anatomy of Sarah Palin”)

Monarch Program coding (trauma/torture reinforcement) surrounding those MK’s used in political realm is not as obvious as those in Hollywood or Music Industry…but can be plainly seen, IF you know what to look for — because it’s a formula IT NEVER CHANGES! Themes are occult-Masonic w/Disney overlays…Why? Because the two primary programming films are “The Wizard of Oz” and “Alice In Wonderland” Disneyland in California & Disney World in Florida were well-known primary programming centers, where children were subjected to sadistic , rape/torture/trauma trials – Disney Family is “bloodline” multi-generation satanists.

(see Brice Taylor on “Mind Control” YouTube)

Palin’s masterful performance at the RNC 2008 was just that…what the world witnessed was a multi-generational Monarch Programmed Multiple on auto-pilot… a human robt reciting a script loaded w/emotional triggers, FEAR-BASED xenophobic code words, before an audience primed to love and defend every word…and it all worked brilliantly, because Zionist controlled media (CNN, FOX, MSNBC along w/all other alphabet propaganda outlets) had programmed the audience (electorate) for this preciseevent – they ALL had received their scripts and unanimously declared (speaking w/one voice) “A Star Was Born”…how Hollywood is that? — “all eyes on her in the center of the ring, just like a circus” – lyrics from MK’d Britney Spears “Circus.”

After “Dr. K” uploads coded intel, she continues NY trip downloading intel to world leaders w/access codes at Clinton Global Initiative (Sheraton Hotel) just a few blocks away…where she joins other MK’s from Hollywood & Music Industry where her Beta-Kitten sex-slave “alters” are used in suites. NOTE: Beta-Prog Sex Slaves have “alters” trained for “ANYTHING, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE w/ANYONE” who has codes…and protection alters for those who don’t…”a man who doesn’t value his life, messes w/me when my master isn’t around!”