Jesse Ventura speaks out about conspiracy theories

Jesse Ventura is known as being a tough, principled and courageous advocate of liberty and freedom. His new book, American Conspiracies, outlines a fascinating and well-documented accounting of some of the most important conspiracies that shaped American history — including the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. As part of the launch of this new book, Jesse joined us by phone for an interview with

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In it, you’ll hear Jesse talking about why conspiracy theories are now receiving more mainstream attention across America and why the American people are usually not taught the truth about history in public schools.

America was created out of conspiracy

American history is, of course, born out of conspiracy. The Founding Fathers who penned the Declaration of Independence were, of course, acting in conspiracy against the British King. Had they been caught, they would have been charged with conspiracy (and treason).

Conspiracy simply means multiple people working in secret to achieve a common goal. This describes the executive boardroom of virtually every major drug company, and it certainly describes the actions of the FDA and the way it works in secret to destroy natural health remedies.

Conspiracies may be positive in nature — as in “We are conspiring to teach the world about nutrition” — or negative in nature. Conspiracies are so commonplace that probably nothing would ever get done in Washington or Wall Street without conspiracies (which might actually be a good thing, come to think of it).

Check out the TV show

Jesse Ventura is also the host of a popular television show called Conspiracy Theory. During our talk, Jesse told me that the TRU network had signed on for another season of Conspiracy Theory episodes. I asked Jesse whether those episodes would cover fluoridation of the water supply, aspartame or other similar health-related conspiracies. He indicated that one such topic was planned to be included in the upcoming season, but he didn’t reveal which one.

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Like anyone who speaks their mind, Jesse Ventura is a controversial figure, and some of his stated positions may hit peoples’ hot buttons. But such is the nature of real freedom: The freedom to say what you believe inevitably means somebody else won’t agree with it. But they, too, have the freedom to say what they believe. Jesse believes in our inherent freedom to speak out about the things we believe, regardless of whether our views conform to what might be popular or convenient.

And that’s what makes Jesse’s work so refreshing: It’s uncensored, untamed and just a little bit “in your face.” Even though I don’t agree with everything he says (nor would he agree with everything I believe), his approach represents exactly the kind of free speech America needs right now. We’ve suffered too long under watered-down, “I don’t want to offend anyone” non-speech that has been adopted as routine by our politicians and mega corporations. What America really needs is some down-to-earth truth-telling that pulls no punches and boldly states the simple truths. Jesse Ventura brings to the table precisely the kind of uncompromising attitude that America now needs to get past its current age of mass deception and move forward into a new era of empowered people who question the government, the media and the corporations.

Ron Paul, by the way, is another such person who shares this approach to telling the truth. Can you imagine how different our country would be right now if these two guys held the offices of the President and Vice President? The Fed would be running scared, and Big Pharma would be trying every trick in the book to silence them both.

Whether you agree with Jesse or not, his message will likely get your attention. Hear more from Jesse Ventura himself in our audio interview.