Leaderless Resistance: Divorcing the System

“I have been really touched by two recent stories on your site: Patriots like Deer ‘Frozen in the Headlights’ by David Richards and ‘I’m Wary of Anti- NWO Groups Like LaRouche’s’ by Don Bradley. It is indeed time to start talking solutions, which are readily available for all individuals.”

We have had plenty of time and pleasure exposing the Illuminati/Banker/B’nai B’rith/Freemason conspiracy. But wallowing in spooky stories of MKUltra, Fractional Reserve Banking, Satanism and what have you does indeed invite depression. Ed Griffin rightly said something to the effect of ‘scaring people to death with all these stories creates apathy; talking solutions creates action’.

And Don Bradley is absolutely correct that we need individual action. Maybe small organizations by determined individuals. But we need to understand very clearly that our self-declared masters hope to get us into a fight. Fighting is what they are good at. They relish the blood sacrifices for their fallen angel. They enjoy the fear and pain that it brings.

They have been preparing for this fight for decades, if not centuries. They are ready for it and they will an open battle win without a doubt.

Edward Gibbon stated: ‘the tyrant of a single town, or a small district, would soon discover that an hundred armed followers were a weak defense against ten thousand peasants or citizens; but an hundred thousand well-disciplined soldiers will command, with despotic sway, ten millions of subjects.’

But the solution to our predicament is quite simple. One only needs to understand that their incredible power is based on our cooperation. It is dependent on it. We despise the system, but let’s face it: we are working within it. Most of us are trying to get their share of the crumbs our masters leave on the table.


The Illuminati fear only one thing: non-cooperation.

We are in total control of our fate and we can quickly make this NWO nightmare go away by taking just a few simple steps. I’ll propose four, which I believe are key and are easy to achieve, but there are more and will leave it to the intelligence of all out there to be creative on this one.

1. Take your money out of the bank.

We know about Fractional Reserve Banking. We know that our savings are multiplied by at least 10 and than lent out at interest rates of five to ten percent. If you take 100,000 out of the bank, you take away up to 100,000 income for the bank.

Take your money out of the bank NOW. Buy some silver coins, pay off debt or your mortgage. Invest it in local enterprises so that the money is doing some good work. Better yet, start looking for local currencies to pay with. Defeat usury!
It not only protects your wealth (because in the next round of insolvencies, which is expected shortly, savers will have to bleed too, they can’t expect the taxpayer to compensate them endlessly), but also destroy that vampire squid we call Banking.

We know we are dealing with a Central Banking cartel, so why are we putting our money there?

2. Take immediate control of your health.

Health is not the absence of disease. Creating vibrant health is one of the major opportunities for everybody in this lifetime.

Health is not acquired by visiting doctors. Far from it. Iatrogenic disease is the number one cause of death in the US.

In 2001 783,936 people died by Allopathy. ‘Only’ 553,251 died of cancer, but you must realize that many of those actually died of the chemotherapy, radiation and operations they took.

Did you know there are only five known instances of dramatic decrease in mortality rates in communities worldwide? You know what these instances had in common? There was a doctor’s strike. After they resumed their jobs, mortality rates quickly got back to their former level (http://www.whale.to/a/last1.html)

How do you create good health? There are three major items: finding spiritual peace, a wholesome diet and the avoidance of toxins. Easier said than done, but for most people even a few steps in this direction would quickly result in profound effects.

Educate yourself. Build a network of natural healers. Discuss health with your friends and family. Avoid doctors and their bizarre concoctions. Realize that the word Pharmacy is etymologically linked to the ancient Greek word Pharmakopeia, meaning ‘sorcery’. Don’t put your health in the hands of others, but find your own resources.

3. Avoid Multinationals

By saving a dime at Walmart, you are allowing a dollar to get out of your regional economy. You are backstabbing your neighbor. Go shop at his or her business. They can invest the money back into your community, instead of sucking the community dry with Chinese Slave Labor.

Saving a dime there will have your kids end up begging for a little job there. Shopping at your neighbor will allow a thriving local community with far better economic opportunities for yourself. Think a little longer term and don’t whine about the short term loss. Buying locally is an investment that is absolutely sure to pay off in the longer term.

They are luring you with a little discount. Don’t be a fool falling for it.

Avoiding getting your gas at Exxon is difficult, but it is good to realize you are supporting some of the main sponsors of the Iraqi Genocide and coming World War 3 starting against Iran.

4. Don’t vote; don’t write your congressman and don’t sign petitions.

You know what you are showing them when you write them? That you are a good little serf pleading with his master.

Everybody today is gloating about the news that millions of whites are deserting the Democrats. What fools that they were there to begin with. Where are they going now? Back to these Republican Neo Con bastards?

Don’t vote. Show them you do not recognize their system. Show them you know voting is empowering them. Don’t threaten them. It is just giving them an excuse to implement their Patriot Act Police State.

These people have very fragile ego’s. The one thing they hate is being ignored.


Nobody is expected to change his or her lifestyle over night. But every little step in the right direction helps. Every step is one shackle less wearing you down. Every step is one nail in their coffin.

Don’t talk about it. Do it. Live by example and know that our Lord sees what others do not.

Anthony Migchels is the founder of a Dutch Barter System.
His blog is found here.

Source: http://www.henrymakow.com/by_anthony_migchelsfor_henryma.html