Saying Goodbye to the Same Old Same Old

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One thing is certain. No matter what your karmic condition of the moment or what territory you are passing through, both internally and externally, your state of being and your circumstances can be exponentially improved by regular meditation.

I like to think of meditation in several ways, though I will only list a couple. One of them I call ‘coring’ and one I call ‘immersion’. Coring operates on a premise that there is an opening in your material state into which light can pour. Let’s just say that your material state is composed of your body; your situation and the way you think and feel about them. Of course, mind and the higher emotions can transcend the physical state but we are talking about getting there, not already being there. Parsers and proponents of certain viewpoints will say that you are already there and realizing it is the key. You can go ahead and apply that to what I am saying if you want. It works either way.

Coring widens the opening through which the light pours and you can visualize yourself working with a variety of imaginary tools to make the opening bigger. Chanting and prayer are tools of this nature and you can see them as actual hand tools being employed for the purpose already mentioned. As you work you can feel a greater degree of light enter in and experience it lightening and revitalizing every part of your being. Most importantly you can feel information from higher dimensions also coming in and presenting themselves in clearer and more understandable ways. Consistency is the key here; consistency and focus or what might also be called, ‘being one-pointed’.

Immersion is best described as believing that the universe is filled with light the way an ocean is filled with water. You can think of it as an ocean of light. You immerse yourself in it and let it bathe your being. You allow yourself to float upon and dissolve into it. You let go of all concerns, thoughts and feelings about anything else. You become part of this light and you remind yourself that it is conscious and conscious of you.

I could go on at length about these ideas and others too but the point here is for the reader to play with the concepts and come up with their own system. All systems work best when they are personalized. A lot of the time people are turned off by certain practices because they seem too generic. It’s like rote and routine. Rote and routine can be useful but only if you breathe life into them and love what you are doing. It is much easier to love what you can identify with. It’s a little like the difference between music you enjoy and music you would rather not listen to.

As has been mentioned here now and again, I am a believer in better living through chemistry. I am also a believer in the obvious truth that we should always be ready to cut things loose and open ourselves up to new ways of being that are improvements upon the old. I am only bringing this up because it has something to do with the next example which follows.

While engaged in the study and practice of different martial arts forms, I noticed that I didn’t enjoy some number of them and it very much hampered my enthusiasm for practice and my ability to get into it when I did. During certain altered states, which also involved playing around with martial arts forms, I discovered that all the movements I was playing with were extensions of an inner awareness of motion applied to a certain purpose. I found that I could manifest my own forms of movement right out of that inner awareness. It is true that they resembled the classical movements of which some of us are familiar but they were different too. They were easier to do and they had a flow and a presence to them that I had not been getting from my previous efforts to improve at something I thought I should know at least a little something about; given the worlds I sometimes had to move through.

As time has passed, these movements have come to have little to do with resolving external conflicts and everything to do with harmonizing internal conflicts and coming into a deeper and more solid balance with Nature. I assume they could easily be applied to external conflicts but these things very seldom appear once the internal conflicts have been addressed. I find I am able to apply the principles I have learned to just about anything I engage in. You name it and it can be performed as an expression of your personal style; your personal Wu Wei, your own kind of effortless action.

The world outside of us is an extension of our mind. You can throw in your emotions too. They are also a part of your mind. Everything is composed of mind stuff of varying density. It is true that the world is in a tense period of transition. We all agree that there are certain things in evidence. This might also be the result of mass hypnosis or collective illusion too. In a cosmic sense it certainly is. You alter your internal world and you will find that your external world will change around you.

Meditation greases the wheels of your existence. Meditation shapes the plastic mindstuff. Some of us are quicker and more efficient at it because we are deeper into it and have been doing it longer. Some people are much better swimmers because of having applied themselves more. But… there’s another thing to consider. Some people are just more naturally disposed to and capable of certain things. There’s karma involved and some of us have been working at certain things for more than one lifetime; all of us have, in fact. That’s where you get 12 year old concert violinists from.

Everyone can meditate but some are going to be better at one method than another and that is why you have to find what works for you because you won’t be doing it for very long and certainly without real results unless you find your personal style. You’ll give up

A dimensional shift is coming. You can think of it as a really enormous holographic flying saucer that will be lowering a ramp once it gets close to the Earth. You can think of the ramp as being composed of sound, vibrating at a certain frequency. If your frequency is sympathetic to or resonating with it, then you can glide right up the ramp into this saucer of consciousness.

Upon entering the ship, your consciousness will be further altered so that you are now able to perceive things you could not see or hear before. It will directly impact on your consciousness so that you can think and comprehend in ways you could not before. You will have access to new senses of perception that have been foretold in some of the chemistry experiments that early pioneers experienced; although in a temporary sense. Eventually they integrated back into the same old same old. Albeit they were somewhat changed and certain information and abilities remained with them but… in the case of this dimensional shift you are going to be changed in a way that continues and does not return back into the same old same old. The same old same old will be a thing of the past except for those who are determined to continue living in it. There will be, as there already are, parallel dimensions. It’s something to look for and to seek after and meditation is one of the powerful tools available to you in terms of preparation and making ready.

In future posts we are going to talk about some of the other tools; tools you will be using when you are not meditating. I’ll be talking about this same subject on this Sunday night’s radio show.

Think of it as something like learning to drive a car. Think of it as familiarizing yourself with the controls of an unfamiliar machine. Think of it as being ready instead of not being ready and rising to meet it in the air. It is quite possible that those too deeply immersed into the denser regions of material consciousness will not even know it is taking place. You don’t want to be one of those. The divine is compassionate beyond our ability to know …so… all efforts are being made to reach everyone; even if that means trauma and bowel shaking fear. Be one of those who can awaken from a gentle touch on the shoulder.

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