“Bush Has To Go”

Controlling the News – Part 20

The following report is taken directly from in-house memos from a high-level member of a major American television network under date of September 30th through October 1st, 2003. As it impacts directly on the current American political scene, we are reprinting a good portion of it for the information of our readers. And no, we will not give out the writer’s identity to “concerned citizens” writing us. A small group of people keep insisting that we give them all of our confidential sources so that they can “feel comfortable” with the information. If readers find some of these revelations or comments unpalatable, perhaps they might prefer to visit www.whitehouse.gov for really objective views.

(September 21, 2003) “… the seasons change and the political season is also changing, gentlemen. Corporate, not only ours but most of the other major entities, have decided, reluctantly it is admitted, that Bush has to go. Why reluctantly? Because of the money we have given him for his campaigns…the President’s actions have so unnerved corporate America, (and this includes Bush Sr.)! that the market will never rebound until the irritant of Bush Jr’s chronic stupidity is gone and forgotten. To date, the media has been either supportive or at the least, neutral, towards the Prez and his boys but the Rubicon has been passed and he now universally is seen as dangerous to the economy and worse, and is rousing the mass of the pubic…this is certainly not a good idea. Flagrant corporate corruption, outrageous cronyism (i.e. Halliburton et al), soldiers threatening mutiny, furious families of same, very dangerous behavior on the part of North Korea and on and on…Bush has the personality of a reformed drunk, narrow minded and so self-centered as to be poured into concrete…he is actually a stupid man (we met with him recently and frankly, I personally would never hire the man except to take out the trash on Friday nights) who is thoroughly controlled by his fanatical handlers….their current plans to implement a universal draft borders on the criminally stupid…in truth, Bush has done terrible damage to born-agains and the fierce ultra righters…by not going after Ken Lay, the Bush people are leaving themselves wide open to attack…then Kenny Boy knows too damn much about Bush’s simple-minded and greedy and thoroughly crooked stock manipulations, and if it wasn’t for good old Dad, Georgie would still be a booze-happy coke-snorting ageing frat rat. …The general aim now is to distance ourselves from the whole miserable crew…if we remain neutral in these attacks, we may suffer the accusations that we are pro-Bush and that will hit us in the ad revenue. The key to all of this, gentlemen, is to watch the New York Times editorial pages and be advised accordingly….”

(Sept 22) The rumors now growing inside the Beltway have it that in the event the Bush forces see themselves in danger of defeat in 2004, they will have to find a scapegoat. Both the Pentagon and the CIA have been ruled out. They can thoroughly sabotage the White House plans if they are pushed and note the CIA is now doing just this. Bush will have a hard time trying to put it over that US intelligence organs deceived him with false data because the same agencies will clearly show that the Bush people specified the type of information the President needed to make his points. When the latter were told that much of this information was either Israeli disinformation or the result of bad field work, they used it anyway. Bush cannot blame members of his inner circle because he would be nothing without them so they are looking around for some one or some group to take the heat. Once source said to us, under the usual conditions of anonymity, that Cheney was suggesting the Jews should be blamed! Rising anti-Semitism makes this an attractive idea but the results would be horrific. Unleashing a torrent of Jew-baiting in America would be a major social and economic disaster… Maybe they can blame Mexican immigrants instead! This is, obviously, a forbidden topic under any circumstances….

(Sept 22)… the Japs are wetting their shorts over the North Korean bomb building. No one knows for sure what the Koreans are going to do. Our brilliant intelligence boffs can only look at satellite pictures and guess with one finger stuck up in the air and the other up their asses…Bush cannot back up his anti-Axis-of-Evil Korea bluff because he is in deep kimchi with no troops to back up a military action across the DMZ. His problem is that he threatened Pyongyang and then couldn’t back it up. This permitted them time to frantically develop more bombs and improved delivery systems…we will pull all of our people out of Japan and probably Taiwan before the balloon goes up. Beijing and Tokyo are, according to our people on the scene, more terrified of Bush than Pyongyang. He is seen as a man who hasn’t a clue about what is going on and is only a hand puppet for a bunch of rabid fascists…

(Sept 23) …the recent court actions against lower level corporate types is a smokescreen designed to show that our Justice Department is really interested in prosecuting corporate corruption. Nail a few small fry while the bigger ones swim thorough the net and show real generosity when the Bush people pass the hat come November…

(Sept 25) Note that a purloined copy of a security report about assassination attempts and threats against the President is circulating. As nearly as we can discover, it is genuine but we have been told that any mention of this could fall under the Patriot Act and we do not want to join Wall Street heavies in perp walks. The summation is that to date, there have been more “viable” threats against Bush in one month than in the entire reign of Clinton I…beefed up anti-aircraft on the roof of the White House plus no one is allowed to get within shooting distance of the Prez when he ventures out to raise more money. What will he do when he leaves, or is ejected, from office? My God, they will have to assign the entire 101st Airborne to guard him down in East Jesus Texas. There is a new bumper sticker that we wish known may not be put on any of our corporate vehicles nor on personal vehicles left in our parking lots. The one that says: “Somewhere in Texas there is a town without an idiot.” Funny but not funny.

(Sept 28) There is to be nothing said about the high levels of radiation in Iraq. Depleted uranium is the culprit but if it becomes too widespread, it is to be blamed on Saddam’s “hidden A-bomb arsenal”! Our man in the Pentagon was moaning that when GIs start losing their hair and fingers in a few years, there will be more lawsuits. As they say in the military, “not on my watch, Charlie!”

(Sept 28) …much bitching in Virginia about the continuing power outages and the refusal of insurance companies to pay up. Given their stated corporate policy of always paying out nothing or as little as possible, you sure are in bad hands with certain insurers. Bush said that he would be damned if he would allow a proposal for the government to underwrite hurricane damage even to be brought up. His rationale: the oceans are getting much warmer (and with the polar icecaps dwindling rapidly and rapidly rising sea levels threatening to swamp the valuable east coast real estate in the next ten years) so seasonal hurricanes are known to be much bigger. The White House feels that if people are stupid enough to build in coastal areas, they ought to either pay high insurance damage premiums or shut up…compassionate conservatism in action. They can all move to Missouri and support the Reverend Ashcroft’s Leather Strap Academy…

(October 1) Poor Arnold…the dykes hate him as a chauvinist pig, Jews worry that he will put up Hitler pictures in public buildings and the Bush people are afraid he will make their boy look like a gutted chicken…Davis can’t hate A. too much because he is not hostile to gays…what a zoo! Wait until someone comes up with a picture of Rove in an SS uniform! Some cretin at the RNC was talking at the Cosmos Club yesterday about the possibility of running…God, don’t quote me on this one, please!…Neal Bush for office! He is stupider than his brother (if that’s possible!) and missed serious criminal charges on the savings and loan scandals only because of Dad’s influence…

(October 3) The NYT is starting in on the Bush Roast now. Before we commit ourselves too firmly, let’s see how it flies…story about Rumsfeld’s German sister…lives in Schleswig-Holstein…holding Party meetings in the White House beer cellar…of course the Prez can’t come. One drink and there goes the press conferences which are inarticulate enough as it is. I asked the Glorious Leader a very simple question once and he stared at me in horror. There was no one around to help him out so he stammered and split. Edgar Bergen would have had a wonderful time with this one…! And speaking of Edgar, please don’t keep referring to Zuckerman as Mortimer Snerd. This should be self-evident. We don’t piss in own beds, do we lads?

(October 4) We have just finished looking through a long official report that proves conclusively that the Iraqi oil bonanza touted both by the Prez and Cheney was , like WMD, a pack of lies. The system was shot to hell and the wonderful oil revenues that Bush pushed to justify the war to corporations, were as phony as the rest of his bs. And what’s even prettier, children, is that they all knew it long before they shoved it down our throats. There is no way this can be kept from the public and we are all agreed to give it full rein without the usual Rovespins. Bush’s goose is cooked and unless he is neutralized, he is only capable of more terrible mischief. We can all thank God that he can’t move troops out of Iraq or we would have had an atomic war with North Korea by now and all of Asia would glow at night.

For further perspective see: ‘Sensational Memos Lift the Lid on News Control’ by Henry Makow Ph.D.