Jesus Loves me this I know, even if some of you don’t

Dog Poet Frothing at the Mouth………

I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately. When I’m in trouble it is what I do. It takes my mind off myself until the tide turns. It’s starting to look like someone forgot to set the tide watches recently but let’s not concern ourselves with that.

Several of the movies I saw showed strippers showing up at houses for bachelor parties and or some reason. I’ve never had such a thing thrown for me and thank God for that because I would probably walk out of the house and my friends know that. I do have a certain amount of friends but we don’t see much of each other these days.

What is this oppressive focus on sex? Is it because when things get bad it’s the only way for people to escape? I’ve heard about what happens during bombing raids so maybe that’s it.

I’ve been catching a lot of shit lately. So far none of my sane readers have been responsible for it but it does beg the question of whether I am doing something wrong. I try to tell the truth and speak from the inspiration of the moment but maybe I’m either not bending over enough or I’m standing up too straight; sad to say for the detracting end; whatever I am is not going to change unless God asks me to and he hasn’t.

A passel of Fundie Christians have been writing me letters of damnation. It’s funny that I never get such letters from members of any other religious group. It’s also a tad ironic that it is only Christian nations that are making war on other nations at the moment. They’re also torturing and imprisoning and killing with the best weapons money can buy. As I have said many times, I like Jesus Christ just fine but I can live without his followers. Anyway… I thought the point was to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ… not anyone and everyone who thinks they have an in with him which… I personally KNOW they do not. I know this. You know you’re saved? I know just as convincingly that you don’t speak for him.

I am inclined to breathe a little fire here and really outrage you; show you just how fearless I am about your cotton candy God but… unlike those of you who have written me and showered me with four letter words in the name of Jesus, I’m not going to do that. How is it that you can curse me out like you do and damn me to Hell and pretend to serve the master of compassion? I’d like to understand but it perplexes me.

Some of you want to do me real harm- so much for forgiveness and mercy. Some of you have called the police on me and done other nasty little things but… I have some serious protection which comes from the very source you seek to malign me before and the police just laugh.

Some of you think I take drugs all the time. I take fewer drugs than any of you. It just so happens in this age of alcoholic rulership, I choose to speak out on behalf of other options. You’re fine and dandy with whiskey and cigarettes and prescription drugs that will kill you a lot more certainly than the so called illegal ones… and that is why they make them illegal in the first place, morons. Your drinking water has more drugs in it than I take, you infantile, self righteous, borderline intellects.

Let’s look at it this way. It you weren’t really stupid you wouldn’t think that scripture translated by people looking to control you was divinely- word for word- inspired. Let’s face it… you are stupid. I don’t think there’s a cure for stupid. I know they can do great things with prosthetics and all sorts of things but outside of Lawnmower Man, I have never seen any evidence of intelligence increase. If you’re stupid, you pretty much stay that way. I have seen really smart people be stupid but I have rarely seen really stupid people be smart.

If I am so wrong about my lifestyle and the serious amounts of exploration I have done then why am I in such great shape; great health, can make words dance anyway I want them to, reach people everywhere and do all kinds of things you know nothing about? How is that possible if you are right and I am wrong? Am I serving Satan as some of you suggest? If that were the case then how come I have nothing that Satan confers? How come I live in the most humble circumstances and no one is bowing down before me or throwing their underwear at me? Isn’t that what you usually get if you serve Satan? Satan can kiss my ass and so can you; not that I would allow it of course but hopefully you get the meaning. It’s hard to tell when you are talking to really stupid people who want to kill you because Jesus told them to.

And if Jesus didn’t tell them to then who did? This also perplexes me. I have NEVER presented myself as a Christian but I have been respectful of his teachings if not of his Nazi pretend followers who think the Bible is a studded club. I quote Jesus more than any other teacher in my writings because most of you are Christian and it doesn’t matter what tradition the truth comes from.

Let me put this out there clear and distinctly. No one is going to touch a hair on my bald head unless God says so. I KNOW this. If I did not know it then anything might be possible. Let me once again say that I do not know about most things but some things I know very well. I live by them and the proof is in the pudding. I’m not like most people. I live what I think and say 24 hours a day. I threw it into the wind and the wind sang back and carried me and I doubt any of you can much influence the weather or maybe you should go talk to Caliban or Prospero.
One never defiles their faith and their personal being so much as when they assume the right to kill someone who doesn’t agree with them and even worse… someone who reaches out unfailingly and pays his own goddamn way doing so and asks nothing of anyone.

Anyone in the course of my work here might disagree with me at some point. I am a work in progress and I am mightily tested and I fall down sometimes but I get the fuck back up and it isn’t because anyone lent me a hand. Everything that happens here and at the other sites is free and on God’s dime. I have served you for years and never asked anything of you except to question and inquire. I’m not your daddy and I’m not your fellow parishioner. I’m also not your punching bag. You don’t like it here then go somewhere else. This is not a popularity contest. I do this for free out of the goodness of my heart. I don’t know if it does any good but I do it anyway. You want me to shut up then move out of the range of my voice

I’ve got zero respect for people who sell wolf tickets at a distance. It’s like people taunting tigers in a cage. If you don’t like what you get here then go somewhere else. The fact is that you do like it but you want me to say it your way. That’s not going to happen. I have no control over what gets said here. It just happens.

Sorry to rage a bit here friends but I am a tad sorely provoked and having certain problems also which tends to amplify the whole thing. However, this is the Petri Dish and that’s how it is here

One word of advice to everyone; stop telling me how to do my job and stop waving your porcelain Jesus in my face. Why not just hop on a plane for Assisi and see what your religion is really like or better yet… head on off to Africa where your evangelists paint sugar water under the eyes of starving children to attract the flies during their photo op in their Banana Republic Safari Suits. Take yourself a Hunger Porn holiday and hold your limp white hands up to your shocked lips and talk about how you wish you could do something and then you just head off to the hotel for dinner and talk about how dreadful it all is.

End Frothing…….


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