Patriot Elder: “Militias Will Not Be Allowed”

Tony Blizzard – for Henry March 22, 2010
For 60 some years now, I have been hearing – and was often in the thick of – “getting everybody organized.” It ain’t gonna happen.

In the 1960s, there were thousands more people directly involved in getting everyone educated and organized. We consistently lost practically every battle we engaged in. We played by the rules because we weren’t criminals; the other side has no rules except winning power.

There was an active, growing, organized and dedicated militia centered in California but known and influential nationwide until its leader was railroaded into federal prison with a twenty year sentence. When he was released early, he started up another organization to “educate everyone” but it soon became clear he was only released because he agreed to separate patriots from their money and list them for the feds. He disappeared after a few years of begging funding.

Militias, real militias, simply will not be allowed. Small very secret cells, Communist style, would work a hell of a lot better. Anyone who thinks he can easily spot any infiltrator needs an education on the real facts of life. Remember “sons against fathers, brothers against brothers,” etc.

The schools and colleges have, in the mentioned time span, continually dumbed down the kids, each generation more zombie like than the last, each more trusting of government, each with fewer morals and more apt to take whatever it can get “for nothing,” each leaning more on government itself for everything imaginable.

I’m 77 years old and I’m the only person I know over 63 who does not take so-called social security. Moreover EVERYONE advises me to apply for it RIGHT NOW and get what’s coming to me. No one has a clue or cares that it is a scheme to make everyone dependent on government. Sacrifice is not a part of the American mind set. Except to sacrifice everything and more for the sake of ersatz Israel. Mass insanity? Absolutely. But it’s what we are dealing with.


The Hungarians actually won their revolt against the Soviets. Budapest was theirs and that meant the rest of the nation too. It happened when there was a massive anti Soviet rally in the square of Budapest and some Volpo (Hungarian Communist police) on a roof fired into the crowd.

When a woman held up her murdered baby, the Russian commander in the lead tank ordered his men to machine gun the Volpo machine gun nests on the roofs. Then he and the rest of the Russians got out of their tanks and turned them over to the Hungarians.

The Russians refused to murder the Hungarians. The nation was free for as long as it took for the Soviets to bring in Mongolian troops, who would kill anyone or anything. This did not happen until Eisenhower, then U.S. president and traitor supreme, assured the Soviets that the U.S. would not allow anyone in the world to fly supplies into Hungary to aid the freedom fighters even while those freedom fighters were begging the U.S. government to give them basic aid.

I’m not convinced that non violence is Godly, even Christian, at all. Toleration of evil is itself evil. This is what “hate crime laws” are all about, tolerating evil, thus allowing it to flourish.

Again, Hungarians won over the evil which had enslaved their nation. What they didn’t know was that the lying west, i.e., the U.S., was (and is) the greater evil because it was (and is) a hypocritical liar on top of being just as criminally anti-mankind as the Soviets.