Patriots Like ‘Deer Frozen in Headlights’?

‘This was a false-flag terror attack and…THERE WILL BE MORE!’ he screams through the airwaves. I wish his audience could see the irony that he is exposing false flag terror while terrorizing them.

Then again, they are probably used to it. Fear is too often the name of the game in the Patriot and NWO ‘movement’. It certainly satisfies the advertisers dependent on panic and crises to sell their goods, but we should also recognize the effect fear mongering has.

It helps people accept incremental steps in the agenda by selling imminent disaster. The swine flu hoax was a perfect illustration of fear aiding the agenda. In the end, most readers of the big NWO websites were not angry about the mountains of cash spent on useless vaccinations and the extra powers given to the WHO, rather they were just relieved to not have been killed by a government released pandemic and their body thrown into a mass grave.

Fear stops you thinking sanely. If you hear, ‘our economy will be like Zimbabwe’s and you’ll get dragged off to a FEMA camp’ on loop everyday you will start dreaming for the day to come just so you can get it over with.

The experience is akin to someone putting a gun to your head and saying, ‘I’m going to pull the trigger sometime in the next hour.’ You are put into a state of paralysis. A deer in the headlights cannot think rationally and organize effective political action; it is just waiting to get hit.


The panic prevents a fuller realization of the world. Patriots are given the impression that pirates have just hijacked their beautiful homeland and it can be wrestled back if we just start fighting. What a scam.

The current movements of the agenda represent the finalizing of a global government, not the beginning of one. We already live in a global system, which is why patriot radio in the US is picked up all over the world. By telling people they can go back to the constitution, you are selling fantasy. Constitutional activism is akin to men getting dressed up and play-acting the battles of the revolutionary war in fields.

Ron Paul supporters are infected with these delusions. He articulates well the wish for a return to the America that existed 200 years ago, but in the pragmatic world of politics, this is not a benign act. His supporters need to remember the vote fraud in the 2004 election; it’s a rigged system. His job is to keep you playing their game and in that sense he’s just another Obama. Rub your eyes and look; he’s on the mainstream media nearly every day, he’s not on your side.

Can you imagine what would happen if Dr. Paul enacted his policies as President of the US? The elite would crash what remains of the American financial markets before you could blink. They rule with global methods of coercion.


An event recently happened in South Korea that should be burnt into the psyche of all activists. A baby girl starved to death while her parents raised a virtual child in an online game. The same happens to political movements; while people spend all their energy online real world activism dies. The biggest obstacle to productive activism these days is the lack of any social glue in society. We have so little cultural identity or common beliefs anymore, and unfortunately they cannot be re-instated by conjuring them into existence on cyberspace.

In its current state, the Internet is a very effective educational tool but it is educational on an individual, not a collective basis. Each user is picking and choosing from a vast array of information and therefore constructing their own unique reality, which is alien to the person plugged into the computer next to them. It is said you judge a religious man by his actions not his words, and the same must surely apply to NWO activists. Beliefs in liberty and justice have to be manifested through the actions of the people.

In short, the elite are perfectly happy for you to spend your time weaving endless threads of binary code. After all, if things ever started getting out of hand they could always just turn the internet off.


A very simple calculation makes the majority of NWO information take on a more sinister hue. The public can’t fight back. All the information you give them just prepares them for the future.

We need to remember that the agenda still has a very long way to go. Rather than burning out with frustration every 5 minutes, expose the long-term plan. While the true identity of the elite often varies from person to person, the general outline of the agenda is well known. So instead of reading the 10,000,000th article exposing 9/11 to be an inside job, expose the future direction of the agenda so as it unwinds, people can see it.

We are encouraged to fight battles already lost. Don’t. Expose global attacks like the United Nations Agenda 21, which will have us living poverty-stricken in super cities, and the looming threat of brain chips. The brain chip is infinitely more sinister than 9/11; it would mean the end of the sentient mind, so there must be an effort to expose it right now to build up cultural immunity to propaganda in the next 20 or 30 years.

With a long-term approach even seemingly small pieces of activism create a snowball effect that can produce unlikely victories in the long run. Writing a leaflet exposing brain chips and handing them out to 500 people in your town, even over a period of six months becomes a valuable act.

Micro-philanthropy and attempts to re-connect and communicate properly with those around you suddenly doesn’t seem so futile, rather it is a vital contribution to re-establishing some feeling of connectedness in society which could be what saves us in 50 years time.

And if you ever feel overwhelmed with hopelessness remember the hellish state of blindness you dwelt in before you awoke to the true nature of the matrix.’ All experience was artificial. You would lash out in confusion and look for solace in all the wrong places. Now close your eyes and feel the process of re-wilding occurring in your mind, the power that resides deep in the core of yourself. Spread that feeling.

David Richards is a 22-year-old Englishman teaching in Northern China. His debut article was “Porn- Watching Bruised, Drugged Prostitutes”