Watch Closely … at no Time does the Hand leave the Wrist

Dog Poet Transmitting….

All is not well in Rothschildlandia and that is good news for the human race… or is it? I’m going to try to not use the word Israel anymore since there is no such creature; get used to the new and difficult to type moniker. It’s more truthful anyway. It’s a business concern only. It’s Wal-Mart with guns and viruses; white phosphorous, stolen body parts and 24 hour rapine intent.

Now we hear that the military knows that the Rothschildlandians did 9/11. Wow! They just found out. That’s impressive. Now we see spokes-cretins from major powers condemning settlement activity. Wussup with that?

Certain forces want a protest starting on April 15th. Someone tell me this isn’t a Republican funded effort to spur a grass roots presidential run so that Palin can perform felatio on Netanyahu on the White House Lawn… “♫cover that girl in chocolate syrup and make her do a nasty on the white house lawn ♫” Did you know that Frank didn’t do drugs? Hard to believe isn’t it (grin)? Well, you can read those Laurel Canyon stories where that gets said. I think has them on their site.

Here’s an idea… ignore the people organizing this camouflaging same old same old government takeover and do some ingenious protesting of your own. Now might be the time to visit Visible in Italy but you’ll have to bring a tent. It’s late Spring weather here so no problem with that. I’ll bet Peter Schiff is going to make a speech or two, given that this isn’t an obvious Republican maneuver but a mere frottage through the curtains. Are you hard yet? I’m feeling it.

So tell me… what do you notice about all of this? Doesn’t it look like other forces are at work? Doesn’t it look like the people who think they are in charge are getting the message that they are not? I love The Apocalypse! I’ve never been a voyeuristic upskirt kind of a guy, even though I do consider myself a hands on specialist… usually my hands are not on myself or anyone else. Walk with me a moment while I do a little Parade Bloque, I have to be aware of the possibility of a Fouette Median. It helps to have good peripheral vision and you are going to need that to understand what I’m talking about because the mind is quicker than the hand or the eye and the mind isn’t as quick as it thinks it is; not hardly or you wouldn’t have been getting fooled so often that you are now a regular customer at The Secret Policeman’s Ball.

I watched the latest Ultimate Fighting Challenge or whatever it’s called, but it should be called, the Royce Gracie Show because that’s all it is and I was struck by something that has been nagging at me for awhile. How do competent martial artists allow themselves to be ‘grappled’ in the first place? Isn’t the point of the training to stay out of the other person’s hands? And… how could anyone who knows anything about Hapkido get rendered so quickly? I’ve seen guys who can backspin a kick almost too fast to see that would knock your head off and standing wrist locks that will immobilize anyone and I haven’t seen a single move applied to counteract this grab and pin scenario. Something isn’t right and that brings me back to my point. Caution… show business in process ahead.

I am getting the distinct feeling that we are being set up. I think this whole protest is micro-managed before it even hits the streets and the reason is to re-route the natural protest that is already festering like a boil on the ass of The Republic that might have been. It is a republic isn’t it? You get reminded enough about that from the usual… oh right… never mind.

Yes… this protest is a gratuitous feint to take your heart and your eyes off of the outrage that you feel and place it in the hands of the same people who caused it so they can use it against you. Right now I trust no one. Well, that’s not entirely true. I trust Jim Corr and I trust Rixon Stewart and I trust you; depending on ‘whom’ you are. I would ordinarily trust myself but I don’t know who that is anymore; just kidding.

Yeah… I get it now. They screwed the pooch so badly that they’ve brought in the PR people to send your rage in another direction. By this time next Monday you’ll be kicking Palestinians too. Once again it’s all Irelands fault and I’ll bet you everything in my pocket that those Palestinians came from Ireland in the first place. It is clear as mud that all our problems are caused by the people who can’t afford to pay for their dinner.

Watch out people. Watch out. They know you’re pissed and they know that what they haven’t stolen you can’t even find. They know what they’ve done and they now know that the people they work for aren’t nearly as powerful or able as they thought. It looks like that rough slouching beast does not have the proper ID. It looks like they are about to be dipped in dog shit and turned into tempura. Heh heh.. sometimes I hate myself but it doesn’t last. Surely… what goes around comes around even if it takes forever to do it. Pass the Wasabi…

I haven’t felt this good in a long time and that doesn’t mean things are getting better. It just means that I can see they are absolutely going to lose and the best part is that they know it and I know they know it, even though I don’t know (had to say it… always have to say it). This doesn’t mean we all get off scott-free because each of us has some relative attachment to results and that’s the degree of pain we will experience.

The thing to look out for is not the usual threat. The thing to look out for is the thing masquerading as the thing, but which is not the thing. It’s what is presenting itself as freedom with chains in its hands. It’s the apparent smiling comfort of the home welcoming hearth that is a prison cell in reality. It’s that Peter Schiff kind of thing where Chuckie Schumer looks like he got a face lift so that now he’s so attractive that you might let him (expletive deleted) you.

How many times have they hijacked the protests and become the new government that is no different than the one they replaced? How many times has the ideal become the opposite? How many times has precedence become the preface for pretense; that makes no sense but I thought I would stick it in for comic relief and also to show you how people play with words that don’t mean anything. I also stuck it in because a lot of people will shake their head as if that means something. It doesn’t.

You want to protest and have an effect? Protest the protest. There’s only one way to topple the system and that is to live outside it. If enough people stop spending their time, money and attention on the apparatus, the apparatus will stop running for lack of fuel. By all means do not pay your taxes because they can’t put you all in jail but also do not contribute to the corporations and that isn’t easy. Support your local farmers. Buy from smaller operations. Get off the grid if you can and by all means pay no attention to their media and cry “bullshit!” every time they open their mouths.

If enough people just simply walk away from the system it will fall and no good is coming until it does. It might be less convenient and harder on your muscles but you will be glad you did it.

I’m guessing that .0000000000000000000001% percent of the population is reading this so heh heh… I think I’ll get all worked up about my importance and exposure while I have a moment. Do what you gotta do or do what they tell you to do. It’s up to you.

End Transmission…….

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