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HellstormFrom today, the long-awaited German edition of Thomas Goodrich’s epochal historical masterpiece “Hell Storm – The Rape of Germany” is finally available at Amazon Germany, in the brilliant translation of Gerhard Ausmeier.
I was the first reader who submitted a review and was – given the circumstances – extremely careful in my wording, especially in my reference to the Allied victors’ lies. I did not want to give Amazon any reason (or pretext) to reject my review . As expected it got approved grudgingly. I could hear the crunch from as far as Australia, but of course that does not necessarily mean that the public gets to see my review.
Here first of all the text of the confirmation e-mail:
Many thanks, Australian born German,
Your latest customer review has been published on Amazon. We and millions of shoppers on Amazon appreciate the time you have taken to write about your experience with this product.
Hollensturm: Die Vernichtung Deutschlands, 1944-1947 ★★★★★   from Australian born German on 6 November 2015Compulsory reading for every German: The German equivalent of  Solzhenitsyn’s Archipel GulagCan reading a book be more traumatic than real life? Yes it can. This book is proof.When Thomas Goodrich originally sent me the English version of this book for review purposes, I needed weeks…
Here is the full text:
Can reading a book be more traumatic than real life? Yet it can. This book is proof.
When Thomas Goodrich originally sent me the English version of this book for review purposes, I needed weeks to do him the favour.
It is not like I had no time or wasn’t interested. History is m greatest passion and I could have freed up the time.
The truth is that reading this book was too painful. After each chapter, I had to take a break of several days. Thomas Goodrichs’ detailed description of the German suffering was more than I could bare. It was one of the most traumatic endeavors I have undertaken in my entire life. “Hellstorm” reminded me of the “old stories” that my grandmothers told me when I was a child.
I was the only grandchild who listened to them, not out of courtesy but genuine interest. The rest of the family was not interested in their “old stories”. Deep down they believed that the Germans brought all their suffering onto themselves. They believed, more or less, that they deserved their suffering as “punishment”, because they had allowed Hitler to do all those horrible things the Allied victors accused him of after the war.
When reading this book, I could, for the first time ever, fully empathize with the suffering of my parents, grandparents and tens of millions of other Germans. Until I was confronted in “Hellstorm” with the incomprehensible cruelties it documents, my grandmothers’ “old stories” had never affected me that much.
Reading “Hellstorm” gave me the feeling that I was there, right next to them when it all happened. I could feel their fear and unbearable pain. I know from both of my grandmothers, that the ill-treatment, humiliation and suffering that they had to go through, would have caused them to kll themselves, if that would not have meant the death of their children too.
This book will become one day, and deserves to, required reading for every German. I do not have the slightest doubt. It is the most important German-language history book in the last 70 years. I congratulate and thank Thomas Goodrich for his epochal masterpiece and Gerhard Ausmeier for his equally masterful German translation, which exacerbated the psychological impact of the English original to the multiple. Thomas Goodrich and Gerhard Ausmeier have made history.
Paranoid as I am, after 10 years in the truth industry, I checked right away if I can see my review without being logged in. Here is what I found.

I immediately suspected “foul play”. Why would Amazon Germany approve the distribution of this important book, but then hide from the public positive recessions like mine? Probably for the same reason why they changed the book title from “Höllensturm” to “Hollenstorm”. Why not “Frau Holle”, the Brother Grimms character, and a reclassification to “German Fairy-tales”? The suspicion, that I simply cannot brush aside, given all the circumstances, is that Amazon only added “Hellstorm to its program in order to bury it.
We should not let them get away with this. We must provide the management of Amazon Germany with so much adverse publicity and protests, angry phone calls and letters, that they have no choice but to stop their kosher gimmicks. I will do my part. I have 15.000 to 20.000 daily individual reader, a quarter of them from Germany, and my newsletter list has over 7,000 subscribers in English and 2,000 in German. Eat that, Amazon.


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