“Jews are not our friends”- E. Michael Jones

henrymakow.com — Nov 6, 2015

“A Goy Guide to World History” Part 4, describes how satanist Jews (Communists) have systematically attacked and dismantled the Christian social fabric.
“We have internalized the commands of our oppressors. We need to liberate ourselves from the Jewish super ego.” E. Michael Jones

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The documentary “A Goy Guide to World History” Parts 4 & 5 confirm that Organized Jewry has shredded the social fabric in the West and “social change” actually describes satanic possession .
 image03.jpgI will not mince words. Judaism defined by Talmud and Cabala is Satanism. It is not a religion. It is anti religion. Mankind has been inducted into this satanic cult by both Jews and Freemasons.
We live in a profoundly subverted society. Cabalist bankers and their Masonic minions control the mass media, government, education, churches corporations, legal system and military. We have de facto Communism. Homosexuality is promoted to school children. Criticism of Israel is criminalized. Young women are taught to behave like sluts. Mention of God is prohibited. Entertainment is satanic ritual.

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