Japanese Cartoon – Sacred Innocence Lost

henrymakow.com – Feb 10, 2020

I watched “My Neighbor Totoro”  again last night and was struck by the fact that there was no evil in this world. Even the monsters were benign. It was a fresh reminder that most entertainment is dedicated to inducting us into a satanic cult by showcasing and promoting  all our worst instincts and vices.
This film reminded me that a child’s innocence is sacred and priceless. This innocence is being destroyed by the new sex education curriculum which teaches children about intercourse and homosexuality even before they reach puberty. Clearly, sex is used to despoil and debauch, not just children but society in general. It reduces all relationships to the level of sexual exploitation. This is more evidence that society is controlled by Satanists, who no longer even think it necessary to hide. We are under occult attack yet are too compromised to even recognize that we are being dehumanized–turned into demons.
“Why is it that they can impose immorality on us, but we can’t impose morality on them?”

by Henry Makow Ph.D. — (Updated from June 29, 2010)

Recently my wife introduced me to a Japanese animated feature called “My Neighbor Totoro.”
Although directed at children, this movie reminded me of the power of art to reassure, refresh and inspire. It was a reminder of what we are being denied.
Written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki (left) in 1988, the film describes the interaction between two sisters, Satsuki and Mei, and “wood spirits” in a rural area near Tokyo in 1957.

Many things about this picture amazed me. I can’t remember when I have last seen innocence portrayed. These children are innocent, especially the youngest, Mei. The child’s wide-ranging emotional reactions deftly conveyed in her facial expressions reminded me that art makes us more human by revealing what is universally human. The feelings of a child resonated in me.

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