Halloween is Satanist Christmas

henrymakow.com — Oct 30, 2015

The Hidden History of Halloween

Trick_or_TreaterBehind the playful facade, Halloween celebrates perversion, which is the real meaning of the occult.
It is “indoctrination into Druid paganism, witchcraft, and Satanism.”

by Richard Evans — (henrymakow.com)

I was initiated into Halloween in 1959. I was four-years-old. My grandmother let me choose a costume at the Five and Dime. I went straight for a latex red devil mask that came with shiny red rayon cape.
When I wore the mask, I felt transformed into something more powerful than my four-year-old self. After Halloween night, my grandmother took it away because I persisted in wearing it. Neighbors were beginning to talk.
Years later I learned in an anthropology course that masks, chants and dancing are used to invoke spirits. “The person wearing the mask feels internally transformed and takes on temporarily the qualities of the god or demon represented by the mask” (Biedermann, Hans. Dictionary of Symbolism, p. 218)
Now I’m sick of Halloween. I’ve become sensitive to how casually Americans watch the daily orgy of slaughter called ‘the news.’ Real blood and corpses alternate with staged violence and comedy on HDTV screens.
devilmaskNow I dread the time when rubber skulls pop up on neighbor’s lawns, and supermarkets look like they hired the set director from “the Killing Fields”.
But don’t worry. If skulls and rotting zombies don’t turn you on, Halloween has also become about kinky sex! How ’bout handing out candy to little girls dressed like Lady Gaga and little boys dressed in spandex tights.
At a pre-Halloween party in my neighborhood, I was dumbfounded that the children’s costumes all have GENDER BENDING themes this year. Girls dressed like leather bikers, one was a soldier, and boys wearing fruity body stockings under the guise of ‘superheros’.
One girl was a Supreme Court justice in a black robe and tie, another girl was Suffragette wearing a banner that said “Women’s Right to Vote”. One boy was wearing a body stocking and long hair hot pink wig – I have no idea who that was supposed to be… but it was the faggiest damn costume I’ve ever seen on a straight kid. The scary part is that we’ve reached the point where parents really don’t know any better but to dress their boys like fruits and the girls either slutty – or butch.


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