Positively Spinning Out of the Negative Cloud of this World

Visible Origami — Oct 30, 2015

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However great may be our struggles, we can measure our eventual success according to the degree of difficulty in our passage there.
It seems to have been a long time since I was communicating here. It’s been a most difficult couple of weeks, both spiritually and materially and I like to keep those things to myself when I can because the reader shouldn’t be burdened by what is beyond their control. Sometimes I think that I shouldn’t be burdened beyond my control (grin) but we do what we can and what we cannot do we leave in more powerful hands.
I used to never think about being targeted but I think that also means that I haven’t paid a great deal of attention to my life, probably, because I have direct evidence of being targeted on several occasions and with great damage conferred upon me as a result. It’s some kind of strange disconnect where one does not want to oblige the dark side with any amount of negative faith in it. I know that the almighty is called the almighty because it is almighty and that means nothing can stand against it and so… everything that comes at a person has the imprimatur of the divine upon it, regardless of appearances to the contrary. We might think dark entities are singling us out and they might be but I am a firm believers in the saying that “all things work together for good to those who love the lord.” It seems more and more to me that it is all a challenge of faith and you match the requirements of it or you do not.
Life is lessons, right? This is just one great big proving ground and all the important work gets done here. This isn’t something I know but it is something I have been told by wiser minds than my own. One thing I do know, however, is that there are always exceptions and there is always grace and we experience this due to some mysterious force having to do with Karma and intention as well as, as ever, that mysterious force that visits some and passes over the rest of us or… visits all of us but only some of us realize it.
I try to remind myself that I am not a Syrian migrant. I am not in one of the stressed war zones that keep multiplying as corporate and banking interests set their sights on geopolitical advantage and personal profit. I am not on the street or in some unpleasant personal dynamic with another person. There are a multitude of blessings to count each day should one be so inclined. One has to be so inclined though. Negativity spawns negativity. It narrows our focus into directions that are not favorable to us. It is a form of meditation just like the more positive forms and it has results just like the other ones do. Many people in these times of material excess and spiritual crisis are engaged in negative meditation throughout their days and may not even be aware of it happening because it is all under the surface. They might know that things are not well but they don’t know why. I compare it to the daily life of a drunk for whom things are going increasingly wrong and they think it is all because of some kind of bad luck and that is why they drink, to militate against these unfortunate conditions but it is the drinking itself that is bringing it all about.
Of course, there are exceptions to all of these states. One might really be having a run of bad luck, or bad Karma and then turn to drink or something else and then, like gasoline on a fire, it makes the whole matter much worse than it was because negativity tends to gravitate into a greater negativity, until the waters one was swimming in become tempestuous and one can drown in them. It is like when the subconscious goes out of control and all kinds of things rise up out of it… nightmares and madness and these things happen, are happening around the world as I write this. Mostly it is being forced into manifestation by the agency of Mammon and other representatives of all those urges that live in the subconscious and which are being pinged on through the giant international, corporation marketing putsch of electronic and print media and the internet. It’s one long advertisement-fest that goes on and on provoking longing and desire at ever more intense levels and when one can’t satisfy their needs through available means, or doesn’t have the finances to purchase it, it must be taken wherever they can find it and the brutality of that has been in evidence lately and we’ve pointed some of it out and also been told that it never happened or that it was staged but I have known about this kind of event for years, in the war torn lands and in those massive camps that have been around for a long time and in those favelas and other ghetto locations around the world and that includes what took place in the New Orleans Superdome, following Katrina. I think it’s called the Mercedes Benz Super Dome now.
Then there’s all that high end rape and forced seductions that take place at the young model fests and upon the thousands of young girls and boys that hit LA every year, searching for that do you know the way to San Jose dream and mostly any big city these days. As the economy gets worse, all people have left to sell is themselves. The cost of a college education is now around a quarter of a million and up at your pricier contacts making schools. A house is several hundred grand usually, when you factor in vampire bank interest. A car is fifteen at the low end and way on up from there, or you could buy used for five to ten grand and if you pay less you can expect to put that much more into it. Health care can be monumental monthly or a low balling get nothing policy. I just had to pay around 1300 to replace a bottom prosthetic that no longer fit after being hit. Don’t ask me how I managed that because I don’t know.
It costs for everything now and if you don’t have it you don’t get it, unless you turn to crime like all the people who made things this way did. Just remember that you are a small fish and the system doesn’t approve of small fish entrepreneurs who don’t have the political and legal approval to steal without conscience or concern and keep in mind that no matter how much you make, the government is going to take half of it, unless you can pay the right people and then you get to keep most of it and stash it off shore so that the only people paying taxes are the people too stupid to get out of jury duty.
I know that I have been dancing through some darker waters here but I feel it is necessary to point out how it is… how it really is in the burning cities of the world these days. It doesn’t mean that this is how it really, really is because that all depends on how really real you are. What is real is connected to the real and somehow the real will provide. It might be a tad difficult on occasion because that is what the real causes in your life in an effort to make you more real. It is much easier to pretend to be real because that is what they are buying these days. People prefer what seems to be real because it is a lot easier to get and it is made to seem much less arduous than the actual real, which can come at the cost of everything you grew attached to or which grew attached to you and then fed off of you. There’s a real feeding frenzy going on these days and also a lot of sharks in the water.
Somehow you have to persevere and that is only possible when you believe in the real because it is near impossible to persevere believing in what is not real. You might then ask how it is that so many can do so well by being so devoted to the unreal. They aren’t persevering. They are being consumed by it and this is made possible by all the colorful bait on all the shining hooks.
As incomprehensible as the divine might be, the divine is nonetheless real and it is also the most real part of yourself. It is like a fire and it burns away the dross and when we are attached to the dross, it hurts but it is only the attachment that hurts. The thing to remember is that you are going to be taken out of this life sooner or later and all those attachments will be ripped away but the lingering ghost magic of them will not be ripped away. You will take them with you and the magnetics of their pull of attraction for these material regions will soon enough pull you down here again, off of the wheel of fire. It cycles and it cycles, over and over again and we forget we were ever here and that’s how it works. It helps to keep us in the game I suspect.
There are brighter worlds to spend our time in but without the clarity of vision to see them we cannot find them. This vision is conferred on us as the dross is burned away. Given this we have to remember that all of our suffering can have a positive end if that is where our focus is. The ineffable is one hundred percent positive. We have to adjust to this awareness and know that anything is possible for us too but… what we think we want is often not what we really want.
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