Psychological Rape as “Sex Education”

This is a report on a bit of local behavioral engineering in a local middle school here in Texas that sparked parent reaction last week.

The school in the county between south Houston and Galveston, mostly white blue collar.

A middle aged black female school board trustee was scheduled to give a ‘motivational talk’ to 6th-8th grade girls, ages 11-14, who were excused from classes to go to the assembly hall. The speaker, Shirley Price, told the school principal to leave the hall, which he did.

Then the woman proceeded with a graphic speech about how to avoid pregnancy by having oral sex. Two girls presented a ‘sketch’ (skit) with an undisclosed demonstration, at the end of which Price kissed one of the girls on the cheek before the whole assembly.

Before dismissing the students Price told them not to tell their parents about the speech.

But many girls did tell their parents.

“Laura doesn’t want to give her full name in order to protect her daughter. But she says she is outraged at what she says happened at Crosby Middle School in Hitchcock on January 15. A motivational speech that was supposed to be about TAKS testing turned into an explicit talk about sex, using graphic and inappropriate descriptions.”

A mother named Laura was interviewed on KTRK-TV news, saying her 10-year-old daughter was at that assembly and is emotionally devastated.

Other parents said their girls came home scared and crying. KHOU-TV’s report sanitized the episode and interviewed no parents.

“She is very humiliated, actually using the word sex,” Laura explained. “She will start crying. It’s very, very disturbing to her, of the things that she has heard.”

“The district has been flooded with calls from outraged parents who were unaware of the presentation until a couple of parents spoke at Tuesday’s school board meeting.”


Henry, I suspect that the constant mainstream media propaganda that children are constantly watching porn from the cradle and are already doing these things is extremely exaggerated. That’s the main talking point in every blog comment in favor of Price. It’s also the first defense uttered by pedophiles when they’re caught.

98% of the comments that posted to the TV stations blog were outraged – a few plants interjected citing teen pregnancy rate in the county and that the kids are probably doing everything anyway so schools are right to teach ‘safe alternatives’ to getting pregnant.

One ‘comment':

“motherof5 said on January 23, 2010 at 5:08 PM

Unfortunately, the “speaker” didn’t do anything that was criminal. She didn’t personally ask any of the students to perform any sexual act, so she cant be charged with a crime.”

Another plant or brainwashed comment:

jumboshrimp said on January 25, 2010 at 12:16 PM

Chances are the kids already knew what Price was instructing. If you think otherwise…then you really need to spend more time with your kids. My girlfriend teaches 9th graders. Some of the stuff they’ve said/discussed would probably curl your hair. Heck, it may kill several of ya’ll outright. Kids are NOT stupid, nor are they the little innocent angels they pretend to be.”

The media is soft peddling, county government and law enforcement aren’t even mentioned, the school superintendent is ‘out of town’ for two weeks and a spokesman answered no questions – “I’m not authorized to say anything about it, take it up with the superintendent”.

There have been a series of episodes identical to this since I moved here. This one amounts to psychological rape since many of the girls were obviously traumatized.


Galveston county parents are calling for Shirley Price’s resignation, which is only going after a symptom.

The board’s split. Some are defending Price, others are siding with parents. One board mother said, “She didn’t have our permission to talk about anything, especially sex,” said Esther Orrill, whose 12-year-old daughter was present during the discussion. “I think part of her innocence was taken that day.”

During the past few incidents of the kind, the ‘soldier’ (in this case Price) has been sacrificed through resignation. But this year the City Commissioner says “We are going to defend her.”

Price isn’t taking calls and her ‘pastor’ at Galilee Missionary Baptist Church – S.D. Siverand – will be doing her speaking for her. Two other ‘ministers’ have joined up.

“If she is going to be judged by this board and this community, then I think the whole school board needs to be wiped out,” Siverand said.

That means replacing the Board with activists like Price.

Henry, S.D. Silverand isn’t pictured and the website for Galilee Missionary Baptist Church doesn’t list any Silverand on their staff. The church is co-pastored by Rev. Dr. Edwin Allen Davis, Dr. Charlotte J. Davis, 16 associate pastors, 11 deacons, and 8 trustees. Not one of them is S.D. Silverand.

I think they brought in a ‘ringer’.


The superintendent of Crosby school district announced his retirement subsequently, and his proxy told media “you’ll have to take this up with the superintendent” (the runaround). The position is effectively in limbo till June 25th when a new superintendent will take over. So this superintendent is out of it.

I find no more stories on this case after county official announced they would ‘back up’ Price, and Shirley Price’s supposed ‘pastor’ (who’s not listed on that church’s roster) threatened to get the whole school board removed.

The media has dropped the story (as usual). As it stood, Price had ‘apologized’ and the Board had barred her from contact with students. So without media reports I (and parents) would have to do detective work at the county offices to learn if any board members have resigned. The pressure on them is ‘off the radar’ now.

Interestingly, the churches of the parents who voiced that their daughters were traumatized have been completely silent throughout.

“The school district had sent a letter to parents shortly after the incident became known, saying Price’s remarks were “off-target and objectionable.”

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