Henry Kissinger, Communist Agent

henrymakow.com — Oct 29, 2015

KissingerWe revisit Charlotte Iserbyt’s 2002 essay which suggests that the US and USSR are joined at the hip, and that the emerging New World Order manifests this hidden Communist control.
A defector told Iserbyt that “he sat in on meetings [at the Kremlin between 1965-1975] at which David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger were often present.”
Related- Bella Dodd- The NWO is Communism Bella Dodd, a member of the governing council of the Communist Party of the US, was told to phone two multi-millionaires who live in the Waldorf Towers if she lost contact with Moscow. Elsewhere, she refers to “a secret well organized world power” and describes Communism as “a strange secret cult.” Communism is Jewish Cabalism, i.e. Satanism.


by Charlotte Iserbyt — November 27, 2002 (Abridged/Edited by henrymakow.com)

In 1974 a very important little book entitled “Henry Kissinger… Soviet Agent” was written by the late Frank A. Capell, one of America’s great patriots….
For the benefit of younger readers who know little about Henry Kissinger, let me give them some background information on Kissinger and his world government policies taken from Capell’s book.

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