Talmud Cited By Defence at Topham Hate Crime Trial

henrymakow.com — Oct 29, 2015

Talmud cartoon“All the while [my lawyer] was reading [excerpts from Talmud], the Crown Counsel sat there squirming and playing with her pen and the Justice and the witness were daunted by the whole episode. Earlier on, [hate crime cop] Wilson had been lauding the Talmud as one of the Jews “Holy” books and attempting to convince the jury that any negative criticism of it was just pure anti-semitism and hatred.”
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Dear Arthur [Topham]
If i were in your position, I would defend myself by reading excerpts from the Talmud and demand to know why Jews haven’t been charged with hate crimes. Just the news that this is your defence should put the fear in them.
good luck

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In contrast: Talmud and Koran quotes

In contrast: Talmud and Koran quotes

to me
Hi Henry,
Judging from your email which I just read at 7:15 pm my time you appear to have been doing some “remote viewing” of the scene in the courtroom this afternoon.
Today was the day that my counsel began to cross examine the ex police officer Terry Wilson who testified throughout the earlier part of the week. As you may already be aware, one of the online books that the Crown is using as evidence to prove their case is Elizabeth Dillings book The Jewish Religion: It’s Influence Today. I’m sure you’re familiar with it. Anyway, seeing as they introduced it defence was able to argue as to its authenticity (as per the sections of the Talmud that Dilling quotes throughout the book).

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