Wholesome Refuge in China – Another View

I’ve been living in China for about 6 years. I came over from Canada when I was 19 because i was fed up with life there. It was the best decision I ever made. I’ve lived in big cities and small in the North and South and traveled all over.

When I first arrived I was shocked at how sweet and feminine the women were. Chinese women were so approachable and didn’t appear to hate men. They liked men and appreciated their attention. If they aren’t interested in a guy they’ll take all precautions not to embarrass the guy or make him feel bad.

On visits home, I found Canadian women simply unbearable to be around. Just mentioning Asian women would make them crazy and appear visibly threatened! Women in China know that finding a good guy is the most important thing for them in life. It would be difficult for you to find a woman in China who actually dreams of being a careerist and most women that end up that way (usually not by choice) feel lonely and are desperate to find someone.

I’m recently married to a Chinese woman and so happy. She takes care of me and doesn’t challenge my natural role of authority in our relationship. She is so patient and sweet with me, it is incredible. I thank God every day for her.

I also loved how nobody in China cares about your opinion. There is no political correctness here. You are free to speak your mind. As long as you don’t publicly oppose the government, nobody cares what you say. People with differing opinions don’t vilify each other here. It’s great.


There’s a lot of alcohol abuse going on in Northern China though. Drinking to the point of vomiting in the street is common there and forcing more booze on your lunch or dinner guests than they can take is considered normal hospitality.

Alcohol is sold everywhere and there are apparently no laws regarding when and where you can consume alcohol or prohibiting public drunkenness. Many of my happiest memories involve getting drunk with my friends over big spreads of delicious Chinese food and cheap cigarettes.

Casual sex, adulterous affairs, faggotry, gold digging and prostitution are common in China (perhaps even more so than in the west) but are not generally considered appropriate topics of conversation. Despite being common, they are not advertised as a normal way of life as they are in the west. Skeletons and perversions are kept in the closet where they belong.

Horror stories about what people will do here for a buck will shock you. Murdering and kidnapping people for their organs is on the rise. Buying and selling humans. Cannibalism of human foetuses. Things you can’t imagine. You hear about weirder and weirder things as you get to know people well. Sometimes as first hand accounts. Unethical behavior in business is the norm.

It is all buried under a veneer of normalcy that the government carefully works to cultivate, keeping everything “harmonious.”

The more time you spend here and the better you get to know people, the more of this you’ll begin to see.


Visiting Canada can be horrifying. Although it is such a beautiful and clean setting, people seem so weird and confused there. Women don’t appreciate men and become more twisted and neurotic as they age.

My jaw constantly drops at the number of faggots I see on TV and in public there. Petty laws and bylaws regulate every movement. It is like being in a behavior modification laboratory. Stifling liberal conformity is imposed on everyone; the political correctness is suffocating. Everything is insanely expensive.

I was an atheist before I came to China but now I have a strong faith in God. I can feel his presence every day here in China.

I thank Him every day for showing me the way to escape from Babylon.
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