Can Denatured Mankind Save Itself?

Adrian Salbuchi, an Argentinean economist and analyst, describes the transition now taking place from a ‘globalised’ world to the birth of a one-world government (see video clips below).

What is taking place in the world is obvious to anyone with their eyes open. Salbuchi outlines the shape of our (dreadful) destiny very clearly. Furthermore, everything that comes our way is promised, demanded, openly signalled. The mystery is why humanity remains so careless of these developments?

We have surely been denatured. Brainwashed to the point that we feel it is pointless to even try to participate in the forging of our own destiny. We behave like we are helpless and hopeless. Pre-WW2 generations used to go out and riot when offended by government. Powerful movements sprang up……but not any more. We seem to be incapable of even acting in our own interests. Satanic social engineers have pulled off a miracle. We the people have sacrificed all principle for a little comfort.

We are living through the final acts described in ‘The Protocols of Zion’. ‘Anti-semitic’ fraud or not….this is what is happening.

Our real enemy, the ultra-rich international bankers/masonic/aristocratic elite are implementing the final stages of their long-held plan. A global financial collapse is OBVIOUSLY on its way. Currencies ARE collapsing. The signpost to war is clear and the war itself is surely coming.

The criminal oligarchs want it all. They are prepared to, even intend to, kill billions to achieve their goal. Are ‘the Jews’ (i.e. ordinary Jews) going to be sacrificed to this satanic power again? What chance does Israel really have of surviving a real conflagration in the Middle East?

The sh*t will hit the fan within the next year or two at the latest.

Where are the intelligent middle classes who keep the machine that is society up and running? Where are the editors who will publish facts that serve their own real interests rather than lies that will ultimately destroy them? Do they imagine that they and their children will profit from the coming changes? Where are the police, soldiers and spooks who will disobey orders? Do they not have families also? Where are the generals, CEO’s and other sundry bigwigs (who are not committed parties to the game) that will spill the beans and, likewise, refuse to follow the dictates of the elite that pull their strings?

Where are the churchmen and politicians with an ounce of integrity? Any organised group from among these would stand a good chance of ending the game by exposing the 9/11 and “War on Terror” frauds in the public domain. The shocking silence of the churches, particularly, must presage an end to them all when the truth finally sets us free. They have proved their worthlessness. The Pope and his church are openly in partnership with those calling for a ‘New World Order’.

Catholicism now works for Satan. It is official.

There is one cleric, Bishop Williamson, who has spoken up (brilliantly) on 9/11 and stood against and condemned the silence of Christian authority on these matters. He was driven out of the USA first and then Argentina. He is now locked in silent exile in London. He will be charged by a German court with ‘Holocaust Denial’ in April. He has been severely warned by the head of his own order to keep silent on all matters historical. There could be ‘dire consequences’ for the order if he speaks out again.

The last true Catholic on earth (in my opinion) has been silenced by his own Catholic church. Perhaps the church fears for its assets if Bp. Williamson continues to rock the boat. Perhaps with good cause.

However, better that every church was burned to the ground but the spirit of God in man (the true church) stand up for truth and speak truth….better that than murderous lies continue to lead us into the pit that will become our collective hell.
We are living through days (or years) of Lucifer rising. If we had not abandoned God we might be better placed to save ourselves.

Let us pray that humanity finds courage soon. The ‘climate change’ game is more or less ‘blown’. It has lost credibility. There is plenty more of the fraudulent mainstream narrative that needs to disappear down the same plughole.

Salbuchi’s advice; stay alert, be generous, might suffice for now. But not for too much longer if war and utter disaster are to be averted.

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Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.