How DO We Stop Masonic Corruption? — Oct 21, 2015



Three emails this morning address the occult subversion of society.

Letter One:

[Details changed]

I read your article about Freemason corruption and felt I had to share my story with you.
I was posted to 56 combat engineer regiment in Thunder Bay Ont. [Canada] as a regular force soldier to work at a reserve unit.
As a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, i took my job very seriously to help improve the skills of reservists. Upon arrival to the unit i could tell something was off with the leadership but i had no evidence to prove anything.
Over four years slowly the picture became clearer. The Co, Regimental Sgt. Major and section commanders where all Freemasons. Being reservists, they all had other jobs, banker, millwright, teacher, etc.
I found it weird that all leadership belonged to the same Freemasons lodge. Then over time I became aware that promotions in the reservist world are done internally at the unit level not by a merit board in Ottawa like the regular force, leaving the door wide open for the Masons to promote themselves. Then I became aware that the junior ranks bank account was merged with the sgt’s and officers mess bank accounts.
Suddenly thousands of dollars were spent in the officers and sgt’s mess while shutting down the junior mess hall.

Continues …

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