Blair ‘Knew Iraq Had No WMD’

The Illusion of Power, the Power of Illusion

Tony Blair’s standing was further damaged today, after a former cabinet minister revealed that the Prime Minister knew Iraq had no Weapons of Mass Destruction.

In an article published in today’s Sunday Times, Robin Cook, the former foreign secretary, claims that two weeks before Iraq was invaded Blair had privately conceded that Iraq had no usable WMD.

His revelations, published in the form of a diary he kept in the run up to the war, completely undermine Blair’s contention that Iraq posed “a real and present danger”. In effect, Tony Blair lied in order to get British public opinion behind the invasion of Iraq.

Cook, who resigned shortly before the outbreak of war, also revealed that the prime minister ignored a “large number of ministers who spoke up against the war”. Claiming that Blair: “deliberately crafted a suggestive phrasing” to mislead the public into thinking that there was a link between Iraq and Al-Qaeda.

He also revealed that Blair had earlier given President Bill Clinton a private assurance of military support in Iraq; this claimed Cook “would certainly have been in line with his previous practice if he had given President Bush a private assurance of British support”.

The accusations pose a serious threat to Blair’s credibility. In response the prime minister’s spokesman has dismissed them as “absurd”.

Nonetheless, the allegations could not have come at a worse time for Blair. “Absurd” or not, they come with increasing public cynicism over the British government stand on Iraq, and a number of other issues including asylum and the euro.

Faced with growing scepticism, the Illuminati may be forced to replace Blair, and if necessary even President Bush, if only to restore the public’s trust in their leaders. For ultimately the Illuminati depend on their own men occupying key positions of power, ready to do their bidding. This in turn depends on the public’s trust in the integrity of those in these positions. Without it, the Illuminati might themselves be exposed, and that is the last thing they want.

Hence, these accusations may mark the beginning of the end for Tony Blair. He has served his purpose, as far as the Illuminati are concerned, and from here on it is now more important to maintain the illusion, and thereby preserve themselves and their continued power.
So the decision to replace Blair has probably been made already, but at this stage it’s difficult to say exactly who his replacement will be. However a psychic, who accurately foresaw the invasion and current difficulties in Iraq several years ago, informs us that whoever replaces him… “will be worse”.