The Voices from the Rocks at the Island of the Sirens of Ulysses.

Visible Origami — Oct 18, 2015

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Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there and just because you can see it doesn’t mean it is.
Welcome to Visible Origami. This seems almost redundant to me because so much of what needs be said has already been covered in this week’s radio broadcast, which will be available shortly …but we must needs continue in any case and find some new way to say what has been said already, more times than we can remember the various occasions of.
As mentioned in the aforementioned broadcast, Love is the key to all of our concerns. It is the magic carpet that takes you where it is you need to go. If it is not Real Love then that carpet can take you to places that are unreal, for the purpose of demonstration, experience and observation. Let us say that the carpet exists on, can exist on, many planes at the same time and it capable of inter-dimensional travel, just like the saucer pod. The carpet moves on coordinates that are written out in conjunction with the intentions of the heart. It moves on the reins of the mind. When the heart has swallowed the mind then the mind becomes luminescent and generates its own light and the coordinates are automatically charted for that mysterious island across the turbulent oceans of birth and death. The reason the moon works on the waters and rules the tides, is directly connected to the fact that it is where you go to get a new operating form, every time you are compelled to return here. The fates sew it together out of the compositional elements in the bank of Karma. We all have an account there. We’ve all got a checking account and a savings account and investments that have been made over the course of time. Some of these might be good investments and some bad and they both accrue interest for interest and industry given.
Yes… the moon builds new bodies for the ghosts in your head. These insubstantial diagrams of thought vibrate in the ethers and precipitate down into the manifest and there you are… living it, until the point is made. A point can be made over and over but without any recognition of the meaning there is no understanding and without understanding there is no closure to the patterns that compel repetition of the cycle that returns you again and again to the same experiences. Variations in experience are generated by variations in the objective focused upon. It is the nature of the mortal mind to redirect the attention to new items of interest, in hopes that the result will be different and this is proof positive of the insanity of the process. You can liken it to beating your head against a wall, or what happens to a windup toy soldier when it hits a wall and falls over, thence turning in circles until the windup has run out. Sometimes the legs just kick against the wall, due to proximity …and that goes on until the windup stops.
There are certain relative truths here, like the meaning given to anything is the meaning it has for you. Some things have meaning and some do not. Some things drive and some repel, through the mysterious workings of the electronic and magnetic push and pull; that strange and ongoing dynamic of the universe we inhabit. Sometimes meaning is injected into you and sometimes meaning is constructed out of the experiences of contact, under fortunate or unfortunate circumstances. You become the composition and expression of these meanings that act upon or through you. Sometimes, whether something appears to be right or wrong will have an effect on your propensity for engagement and sometimes right and wrong don’t apply because the desire for particular results trumps the force of any moral code that might be present.
We are all inmates in a global, open air mental institution and prison …and we all act and react here, according to our dispositions and desires. Most people are unaware that this is literally true. This is where the phrase, “to walk in all things contrary to the world” comes from. It refers to a comprehension of this global condition of large numbers of people, driven by a multiplicity of fluctuating desires, or reacting to conditions and controls, engineered by those with the power to route and ritualize the behavior of the populations. If these rulers are for the most part unseen and the people are allowed to go about their lives in a more or less natural order, all can be well. If the rulers are known and prominent, it goes less well for the public. If the rulers are hated and even ridiculed, then things are bad and will get more so until change comes about. It can be said, with a degree of certainty, that we are in the latter stage at the moment and so we wait upon the inevitability of change. Most do not, however, but rather flail about in restless dreams of confusion and disordered sleep.
When the rulers are corrupt then crime becomes a way of life in the culture, to a greater or lesser degree. If survival has any importance then this is an inescapable condition. Then lawyers become an ever greater and greater force in human affairs, as the laws become ever more numerous, ever more complicated …and ever more ridiculous. This generates a great deal of income for those who prey upon the public.
In these times, those who speak the truth about the state of the world and the events that occur in the world are made to appear despicable, deluded and insane by the rulers, through the agency of pervasive media. They are labeled with various, unpleasant sobriquets, like ‘truthers’, ‘nutjobs’, ‘wackos’ and of course, ‘terrorists’. This is not to say that there are not real terrorists but these are all either created by the rulers or caused by the rulers. Never has this been more obvious that the now proven and known fact of western government support and international banker financing of the terrorists in Syria. This is only the most recent example of the same thing that was manifested in Afghanistan; Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Palestine and anywhere there are resources and land to be stolen for profit or geopolitical advantage by the international predators who control the governments that set the national and foreign policies of the various oppressor countries.
One is a programmed fool if they believe that Israel was created to provide a homeland for a victimized people, or as they like to say, “a land without people for a people without land”. The real purpose was to create a sovereign nation, where a criminal syndicate could act with impunity, because the laws of that land make all of their criminal activities legal. As history clearly shows, they have been the biggest victimizers of others for a good long while now. They even invented a historical hoax that proclaims millions of them were killed at certain locations, when official records say otherwise and their own census, across that period of time, says otherwise. They orchestrated an attack against their alleged closest and most powerful ally, called 9/11 in order to create a climate of fear that led to all of the repressive conditions now present in the country of their closest ally, so that wars might be fomented against all of the nations already listed. This is not only proven fact. It is so obvious that only an ignorant fool would think otherwise. Of course, FEAR comes into the picture as well. Much of the populations are in a state of fear for themselves and their families, as they try to negotiate conditions of ever greater want and need and greater confusion and uncertainty that are all generated by these same predators. Their power to do this comes from two areas. One of them is dispensations of magical force, conferred on them by the infernal kingdom and accomplished by mass blood sacrifices and widespread suffering caused in the world at large, which pleases the infernal kingdom …and the other is the control of world banks, which print and regulate the currency. We are talking about two kinds of currency here. One is generated out of blood and torment and one is generated out of thin air.
It needs be said that the infernal kingdom is only able to achieve these things through their agents on Earth because they are ALLOWED to do this, by the cosmic ruler of all things, according to the laws of karma and this is done for the purpose of demonstration in the ongoing drama of the grand movie of life. One might object to or disagree with this statement …but it is nonetheless true.
Your personal concern should be less about what you can do to change any of this in the wider sense and more about what you can do to change it in the personal sense. You are a part of this all to the degree that you are influenced by it …and granted or denied the things you seek, according to your complicity or opposition to any of it. Love casts out fear. They cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Ergo, the force of your Love must be greater than the force of your fear and if this is so, you become an agent of change simply by being. You cannot insist on change. You cannot demand that one thing become another because there is no certainty of how it might turn out. Of course it will change, or your relationship to it will change, or its relationship to you will change but… it could well not change the way you wanted it to. We have seen the tragic result of this many times in the stories left to us in the histories that precede the moment we are in. Change yourself and the world changes and remember, this may not happen immediately and it might actually get worse in the process, for a time, because things are never so hard as when you are trying to change. Think of the tensions that occur when you are trying to kick some habit. Even long after you may have accomplished it, the memory of former pleasures will come upon you out of the blue, like some recollection of an old lover. You can escape the company of old lovers, but have you escaped the patterns of being that brought about these contacts in the first place? The past calls out to us in a seductive voice and it is the voice of the grave. The future cries out and it is the voice of whimsy and want that is always there, like the voices from the rocks at the islands of the Sirens of Ulysses. Once the eternal present is established there is no past or future anymore. This is the island of immortal divinity. This is that place where your parts come together as one.
Possibly you are familiar with that story by Plato about our separated selves and the quest it implies. This tale has been told by others in different ways, through fable and allegory, even in unusual movies like “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”, which, regardless of your views on the subject matter has one of the most inspired soundtracks of any movie ever. It’s a powerful film, despite it’s controversial topics. Life itself is the most powerful of films and we are in it …but we often do not see it because we are, ‘too close up on it’. We are ‘in it’. We are immersed and we are dreaming. It’s all a dream and when you wake up, the dream is gone and further… the dream has no influence any longer, except… perhaps, flashes here and there… a remembrance like the sudden appearance of the face of an old lover in your mind… even if it is just the thought of a cigarette, or the image of beads of moisture on a glass of scotch that trigger a cascade of images from the past. We hunger after these parts as if they somehow were some composite of the whole but they were just props.
We must build that magic carpet from the force generated by the consistency of a higher love. Woven into the fabric of that carpet will be all the things needed to take you everywhere and anywhere you might want to go, or more importantly, be supposed to go …because that is something most of us have little awareness of. We can be very clear on where we think we want to go, or should be but… the other is often an elusive mystery. We discover more about that as our disenchantment with the world progresses and it will progress, though this may be at a different speed for each of us. It is what the purpose of demonstration is all about. We are all meant to be somewhere. How wonderful it would be if that were where we presently are, in the most complete and enduring sense of it.
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There will be a radio broadcast this weekend and it will be made available at some point.


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