Another Martyr – Edith Starr Miller (1887-1933)

“Let me tell every woman, however much ” protected”, whether Dairymaid or Duchess, that the safeguards which she imagines to be thrown around herself are but a mirage of the past. Her own and her children’s future are at the mercy of those [occult] forces.”
– Edith Starr Miller (Lady Queenborough)

Not long after Edith Starr Miller wrote these words in her book Occult Theocracy, she died suddenly in Paris. Even the Grand Lodge of Canada records that she died “under suspicious circumstances”. All records have been lost. No newspaper article or obituary was published; no record of a coroner’s report remains. Details of her life have been expunged, save for a New York Times clipping announcing her wedding in 1921.

All we know is she died Jan. 16th, 1933 at the age of 42 in good health, a year after filing for divorce Jan 8th, 1932 citing “cruelty.” Her 72-year-old husband was Almeric High Paget, 1st Baron of Queenborough, Union Party MP, House of Lords, Knight of the Order of the British Empire, Treasurer of the League of Nations, and member of British Union of Fascists.

Shortly before her death, she had completed her anthology of occult secret societies entitled “Occult Theocracy” and hired a printer in Paris to publish it.

“In offering this book to the public, I have endeavoured to expose some of the means and methods used by a secret world, one might almost say an underworld, to penetrate, dominate and destroy not only the so-called upper classes, but also the better portion of all classes,” she wrote in the Preface.

Edith Miller was never a member of the secret societies. As she wrote, she became aware of them because she’d married into the very Capstone of the British Occult Theocracy.

Is she the “victim” to whom she refers here?

“Irrefutable evidence of a particular example of underworld tyranny has come into my possession. The victim’s guilt was her reluctance to step from virtue into the mire of evil which surrounded her. Moreover she was intolerant of evil and sought to oppose and destroy it. The case of her persecution at the hands of her foes is complete. She belonged to what is termed Society as did also some of the other actors in this bewildering drama.”

Grand Lodge, Occult and New Age sites label Edith Starr Miller as an anti Semitic, pro-fascist, Christian fundamentalist, associating her with Nesta Webster’s , “Jesuit-Jewish-Masonic-Illuminati-Bolshevik conspiracy theory.”

This is how Satanists classify the vestiges of humanity who resist them.


To understand her innocence of her position in elite society, think of Diana Spencer, Princess Diana. She was a brood mare with the right bloodlines.

Edith was born on July 16, 1887 in Newport, Rhode Island, the daughter of William Starr Miller ( Oct. 26, 1856 – Sept. 14, 1935 ) and Edith Caroline Warren ( April 15, 1866 – May 17, 1944 ). Her father William was a New York industrialist and real estate operator.

On a balmy summer afternoon in 1921, her wedding took place at her parent’s Manhatten home on 5th Avenue, described as a ‘simple ceremony’ in the New York Times. Miss Miller’s pedigree was top of the mark on the East Coast Anglo Establishment social registry.

Her grandfather had founded the New York Metropolitan Opera. In that world bloodlines determine marriages.

Edith’s cousin, Pauline Whitney was the daughter of William C. Whitney – an initiate of Yale Skull and Bones and partner with Lord Greenborough in Dominion Coal, Dominion Iron and Steel, and Broadway Railroad Company. These companies contributed to securing the oil distribution monopoly which folded competitors to John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil domination of the petroleum industry by 1900.

This writer also traced the names of Edith’s relatives to the Whitneys, and her middle name, Starr, is associated with founders of the OSS (later CIA), and the international financial AIG.

Both of Baron Queenborough’s wives were 33 years old when he married them, and 42 years old when they died. Each gave him two daughters, no sons. Thus the Baron Queenborough title is extinct.


“The power of theocrasy or exercise of government rule over the masses by a hierarchy of priests or adepts rested on its dual system of teaching, namely: Exoterism and Esoterism, the former a code of discipline of the thought and mode of life of the masses; the latter the hierarchic school wherein were trained the chosen adepts destined to safeguard the rules imposed upon the people by the high priests,” she wrote.

Her aim “is to follow the outgrowth of Esoterism and a few of its multiple ramifications in the realm of perversion and subversion,”

According to Miller, Pharisee Judaism is not a religion at all, but a secret society posing as a religion, a “sect with Judaism as a rite.” She cites Moses Mendelssohn who wrote “Judaism is not a religion but a Law religionized.”

In a secret society, only the adepts know the real purpose. The rank and file is manipulated with warm platitudes and lies. The “innocent” who is unfit to know the “ugly truth” becomes an valiant defender of the faith and ideal recruiter. This also applies to Freemasonry which seems to be modeled on Judaism. Both secret societies advocate killing any member who reveals its secrets.

The real purpose of Judaism and all secret societies, Miller says, is to advance the agenda of the super rich.

“Regardless of their exoteric objects, the esoteric aims of most societies are all directed toward the same end, namely: the concentration of political, economic and intellectual power into the hands of a small group of individuals, each of whom controls a branch of the International life, material and spiritual, of the world today.” (Occult Theocracy, p.661)

Western society, perhaps the whole world, is based on the secret society model. You cannot rise unless you are favored (or deemed useful) by the Illuminati, the highest rung of Freemasonry. We are in the position of the rank and file, lied to and manipulated.

Miller cites an expert on Judaism Flavien Brenier who compares the goals of Judaism with Freemasonry: Securing political power and gradually modifying “the conceptions of the people in the direction of their secret doctrine.” (80)


Miller clearly understood the tempo our times. She wrote in 1932:

“Today, most of the good people are afraid to be good. They strive to be broadminded and tolerant ! It is fashionable to be tolerant – but mostly tolerant of evil – and this new code has reached the proportions of demanding intolerance of good.”

Edith Starr Miller is an inspiration for those who wish to uphold the highest values of humanity against a tidal wave of satanic corruption.


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