911 By the NUMB3RS

On September 11th the United States was attacked by an unknown entity. There have been many theories put forward by a number of different people and groups whose agendas range from truth seekers to cranks to disinformation agents. Sifting through the rubble of information it’s hard to put the pieces together and come up with a clear picture of what went on that day. You could say that is precisely the aim of the disinformation agents and that is something I agree with. But what we do know is nearly 3,000 people were murdered that day and millions more unlawfully killed across the world as a consequence of the events of 9/11.

The first responders to the attack are beginning to succumb to a fatal condition, believed to be a form of cancer that they contracted by inhaling the particles in the fine dust at ground zero due to the pulverization of the towers. This begs the question, what did they inhale that they have contracted this fatal condition? Was it the asbestos in the trade center that caused it? Or was it the effects of the weapon that was used to bring down the towers into their own footprint? Who carried out this atrocity? Using a form of gematria I am going to try and shed some light on who might have been involved on that fateful day and the potential consequences it may have for the whole of humanity in the future.

The English language is now considered a global language. It has evolved over the last few centuries by borrowing words from other languages and integrating them into the body of language that comes from a small island at the North West end of the European continent. Did it ever occur to you how a small island nation’s language could come to have such a huge influence on the world stage? Back in the days before English was established there was a number of tribal tongues spoken on the island of Britain. But all of these languages were cast aside and English was created and cultivated until it encompassed the whole island and from there to the four corners of the earth itself.

I personally believe the English language to be created from a supernatural source. The language has a code embedded into it and I believe it is possible to derive meaning from certain words and phrases that match each other numerically. The Hebrew and Greek languages have a long established system of gematria or cabala that is used by mystics to determine the outcome of events and in the construction of monuments etc. Here is a piece from Wikipedia on the use of gematria. ‘The first attested use of gematria occurs in an inscription of Assyrian ruler Sargon II (727–707 BCE) stating that the king built the wall of Khorsabad 16,283 cubits long to correspond with the numerical value of his name. This is an example of how gematria was used a couple of thousand of years ago. And in the years between now and then I am sure that it has been refined and used to its maximum potential. And I’m also sure that the current ‘Masters of the Universe’ are adept at using this ancient knowledge to further their agendas and to tighten their already strong grip on control of all things on this earth including the masses.

Here is a quote from the J.J. Crowder Masonic Lodge in California’s website;

“Exploring this technique of letter-number substitution, one looks for words, names, and phrases that add up to like values. Like values are thought to have meaningful relationships. For example, the Hebrew word for “heaven” (ha-shamayim) has the same gematria value as the word for “soul” (neshamah); that is, 395, derived by adding up each letter to arrive at a total. The Qabalist would say this means that the soul is identical with heaven. This exegetical technique can be used with both the Hebrew Scriptures and the Greek Christian scriptures. There are other texts that have been found to contain hidden gematria in Latin and Arabic, as well. From the practice of gematria have arisen extremely interesting techniques, which reveal a type of spiritual Geometry hidden within the Scriptures.”

So what they are saying is that words and phrases that add to the same number have ‘meaningful relationships’ and the example they give in heaven and soul, because they add to the same number in their version of gematria, that the cabalist would interpret this to mean they are both one and the same. The version of cabala I will be using is the English one. I believe the English one is used most extensively by the Freemasonic order to communicate with each other in the belief that their messages will not be seen or interpreted by the ignorant masses. And this is true. The masses are in no way interested or able for that matter, in interpreting and knowing these secret messages. For 95% of mankind, earning a living and putting food on the table is their priority in life and all else outside of that, bar the odd luxury here and there, their sports and their alcohol and cigarettes, is of no interest to them. This is how the rulers want them to be. Servitude and Obedience is all they want from the masses. And that is what they get.

Unless of course the rulers want to use the masses to further their agendas, they then bring the –ism’s out to further the causes of Global Governance. The rulers believe that the majority of mankind is not worthy of the knowledge passed down through the generations and that they don’t deserve the benefits of ancient knowledge. Anyway getting back to the events of 2001, the gematria I will use puts the English alphabet in this order. A=6 B=12 C=18 and so on. I don’t know why I started using it in multiples of 6 but let’s just say I had an invisible source guiding me along. I actually don’t know why I even started to do this because I come from a very normal background with roots in the lower rungs of the working classes. I have very little education and no prospects for the future. And I’m puzzled as to why I was ‘chosen’ to take this path and to spend years writing out phrases and adding them up to get words and phrases that matched, especially those concerning the events of September 11th. Ok so let’s get started then. Here is how the gematria works.


(The way I came to this number is this S=114 E=30 P=96 T=120 E=30 M=78 B=12 E=30 R=108, and when you add all those 114 + 30 + 96 + 120 + 30 + 78 + 12 + 30 + 108 = 1164)
That is how the words and phrases in this article will be calculated. It is a fairly straight forward process. I could have done it as A = 2 B = 4 C = 6 etc but somehow I was compelled to do it this way. Also, the number 6 is well known and frequently used in occult circles. So we will continue with some more words and phrases.


I wrote out every day of every month of the year, for example, JANUARY FIRST, JANUARY SECOND, JANUARY THIRD and so on, right up until DECEMBER THIRTY FIRST and gave them the sum total that they added to and in this case SEPTEMBER ELEVENTH came to 1164. I then wrote out every year from 1914 until 2050 in the same manner and then looked for numerical matches of the month/day to the year. When I added the year TWO THOUSAND ONE (2001) I got 1164. I pored over the chart I’d made and found one day had the numerical equivalent of the year 2001 and that was September 11th. Then I started to jot down words and phrases to do with the events of that day to see could I find any numerical matches and I found quite a lot. I will again put the first two phrases in along with another one.


These three phrases made me ask myself a question. Coincidence or Intelligent Design? I decided to wait until I had further matches to allow myself to believe this to be of an intelligent Design so I kept going. I then had a look at the President to see if he would have any connection to the number.


As we all know, Dubya was President at the time of the attacks. And we all know he is a self-professed Born Again Christian. The more I thought about it, the more I was starting to believe that this was indeed done by Intelligent Design. Maybe all of what happens in the world is already destined to occur. I mean, George Bush was born and named George Junior. Now I know his mother and father thought about what to call him and then decided on George but what if they had of named him Richard? Then the above numerical match would not have occurred and maybe he would not have become President. Do you get what I’m trying to say?

Here is a picture of President Bush. President Bush is regarded as the number 1 man in the country, so just keep that in mind for a moment. Notice the number on the helmet of the fireman by his side, it is 164. So the way I see that picture is that it is revealing the magic number 1164 by way of Bush being the first 1 and the 164 on the helmet making up the rest of it. Is it coincidence that the number on the helmet just happened to be 164? Well that is how I seen it anyway.

On the day of the attacks, or it could have been the next day, the president said he’d watched as the planes hit the towers. The phrases below say as much.


But also, the above phrases fit with the global audience who watched the days events unfold before their disbelieving eyes.


So there are three phrases that tell the story of what millions of people witnessed on the TV screens that day. Americans especially would have been glued to the television for the next few days, weeks or even months, watching what was unfolding. And they were ripe for suggestion. People go through a series of stages when they have been attacked in this way and those stages include shock, disbelief, sorrow, anger and rage. So people who are specialists in these fields know when the best time is to start leaking suggestions to the audience. Suggestions like who was responsible, what is the evidence and so on. Here is another phrase that matched numerically and seems to fit with the overall agenda.


So there we have it. The seed has been planted. The majority of people now believe that America has been attacked by a shadowy organization called Al Qaeda. An organization with ties to a lot of different countries. And when the population has reached a different stage of mourning, they can then start making suggestions as to what countries Al Qaeda has ties to. Over the next few hours, details of the operation were released to the public, the means of attack and how it was carried out.


The deception now reaches another stage. They start to report on what people have seen and as the people demand an explanation as to how this could happen, the mainstream media dutifully carry out their pre-arranged agenda and tell the masses how the terrorists carried out their horrific attack. To maximize the damage to people’s minds and to soften them up for more suggestion, the media begin to show the images of people jumping to their deaths. This also increases the sorrow and anger and rage that is needed to soften the mind further and allow subliminal messaging to be used to maximum effect.


The poor unfortunate people who decided to die by jumping to their deaths rather than burn to death was well documented and shown by the media. God bless those poor souls.

The means to bring down the towers has been a much discussed topic. Some camps even doubt that planes were used at all. Others are convinced that planes were indeed used but were modified to carry a missile under the nose that was fired a split second before the plane hit. The ‘no plane’ camp insist that what we saw that day was camera trickery on behalf of the media who are suspected colluders in the days events, but to what extent isn’t known. But one thing is for sure, the towers came down. And they came down quickly. Looking at the evidence of all parties, one theory in particular seemed to match the number in a lot of ways. Here are some phrases that matched. The first one points to what was on the mind of the perpetrators.


For the buildings to fall down into their own footprint, this would require the help of someone who is a professional in the said field. And the way these teams work is linked by the phrases below along with the magic number.


Again, it is almost certain that for the towers to fall down into their own footprint, a demolition team and a highly experienced one at that would have to use remote controlled explosions to set off the charges that were strategically placed in the buildings, to bring down those towers. And talking about remote controlled, here’s an interesting phrase that linked up with another theory.


With Global hawk getting a mention and the fact that it is remotely controlled software that applies to planes, it is worth bearing in mind that there may be some truth to the possibility that this was indeed used as part of the conspiracy. The type of plane to be used is also the topic of much debate in the truth movement. Some think that the actual planes that were hijacked were the ones used, others think military planes fitted out as civilian passenger planes were used and others are of the opinion that cargo planes were used. Out of these three, I found a match for one of them. And I put another phrase that has the numerical equivalent alongside it.


As I’ve said there are many theories as to what way the attack was carried out. The last few phrases that have added and matched seem to be connected and also seem as though they would be essential components in an operation of this type and magnitude. They would all be carried out in a familiar fashion with militaristic precision so as to be successful. There is a few more words and phrases but I think this gives you an inkling as to how the gematria works and the nature of it. The Pentagon was also attacked on that day and there are a couple of phrases that equate with the number we are dealing with. I also have a page on the plane that was supposedly re-taken by the passengers and crashed to the ground but I am unable to find it at the moment. I haven’t got a lot on the Pentagon yet either as some of my work seems to have gone missing on me but it will show up. There was no evidence that a plane had struck the Pentagon and a number of theories have sprung up about what actually happened. But the official one was that a hijacked plane struck the building.


Next we are going to move onto the religious side of things.
There are millions of people in America who practice the Christian faith in all its denominations. The events of that day would have seemed to the more observant and deeply religious Christians as a sign from God himself. Let’s explore a little bit of this side of things.


Immediately after the attacks, Christians across the nation and across the globe, not to forget all the Nostradamus followers, turned straight to prophecy. Christians went and got their Bible and headed straight for the prophecies in both the Old and New Testaments and especially to Revelation, to try and find some meaning, an Apocryphal meaning if you like, to the attacks. A few phrases confirm to me that this was the case.


These attacks in most Christian’s eyes were a judgement on the nation for its wickedness, the wrath of God poured out on Americans for their sins. I realize that Judgement isn’t the correct spelling and that it should be Judgment, but the English language is used differently the world over and some words are spelt differently in different places. And I am not going to let an extra e in a different spelling of a word divert me or convince me that it’s not right. So I looked for more religious phrases and found these.


People were terrified, millions went to their church and prayed for guidance in the troubled times ahead. Some even thought that this was the beginning of the final showdown.


Some of the medias reporting subliminally suggested that this attack had serious religious overtones and that for Christians, this was the beginning of the end. The TV evangelists were not long in declaring that the above few phrases were indeed what was being visited upon their flocks. One thing was certain though and the below phrase said it all.


In the next article we will continue to explore the number 1164 and begin to look at the consequences of the attack on America, not only for the people of the Middle East and Islam, but for the American people as well.