Russia’s Giving ISIS An Air Force

Introduction — Oct 8, 2015

Sukhoi Su34s. Click to enlarge

Sukhoi Su34s. Click to enlarge

The Western corporate media, essentially the West’s propagandists, are obviously getting desperate in trying to respond to Russia’s campaign against Islamic State terror. The levels of disinformation and double-talk are now reaching new heights.
We post Daily Beast report as an example. It opens with the lines:
“Putin’s air campaign in Syria is not only supporting Assad, it’s giving cover to fighters from the so-called Islamic State.”
The Russians are obviously NOT “giving cover” to Islamic State terrorists. However, the West has been completely blindsided by Russia’s response in Syria that this is the best they can come up with.
In less than a week Russia has inflicted more damage on IS than more than a year of U.S. bombing. That’s because the U.S. campaign was no more than theatre. Islamic State is a Western proxy for regime change in Syria and the U.S. led campaign against them was a PR exercise.
The Russian campaign is exposing this fraud. Hence the increasingly desperate lines coming from the Western corporate media, like the ones below. Ed.

Russia’s Giving ISIS An Air Force

Michael Weiss — The Daily Beast Oct 8, 2015

Last June, the U.S. embassy in Damascus accused Bashar al-Assad’s air force of clearing a path for an ISIS advance on Syrian rebels in the Aleppo town of Azaz. “Reports indicate that the regime is making air strikes in support of [ISIS’s] advance on Aleppo, aiding extremists against Syrian population,” the embassy account tweeted, following up with a broader accusation: “We have long seen that the regime avoids [ISIS] lines, in complete contradiction to the regime’s claims to be fighting [ISIS].”

Now Russia seems to have inherited Assad’s role as the unacknowledged air force of ISIS.

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s fighter jets rocketed an ammunition storehouse, destroying artillery, armored personnel carriers and even tanks belonging to Liwa Suqour al-Jabal, or The Mountain Eagles, a U.S.-backed brigade of the Free Syrian Army. A video uploaded by the brigade to YouTube shows the burning wreckage of the Russian airstrike, in Mansoura, in the western suburbs of Aleppo, as the local commander known as Abu Mohammed taunts his enemy: “Thank God, we are all fine,” says Abu Mohammed. “We don’t fear Russia or anyone helping the Russians. Bashar, we will remain resistant fighting you even without any ammunition or bullets. We will fight you with knives. We don’t need ammunition, Allahu Akhbar.”

The cameraman then adds that the Russians weren’t the only ones hitting the brigade yesterday. “The Russian airplanes are targeting Suqour al-Jabal’s weapon depots in Aleppo and ISIS attacked the bases with explosives at the same time.”

Hasan Hagali, the top commander for Suqour al-Jabal and a former captain in the Syrian Arab Army, explained via Skype to The Daily Beast: “Yesterday, at 5:30 p.m. a base belonging to Suqour al-Jabal was targeted in two air raids in Mansoura. In each raid, there were three Russian Mig-31 jets. That’s our main arms depot, where we supply all our units. At the same exact time—5:30 p.m.—ISIS sent a car bomb against us in Deir Jemal, against our base. This is about 130 kilometers away from Mansoura.” An earlier ISIS attack against a Suqour al-Jabal frontline position, he added, occurred in Ehres, also in western Aleppo, at around 3 o’clock. But ISIS locations in the province, no doubt equally visible from the air, were left unscathed by the Russians.

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