Refugees Are Political Pawns — Oct 6, 2015

Jews in 1930's England fomenting war with Germany. Click to enlarge

Jews in 1930’s England fomenting war with Germany. Click to enlarge

This short excerpt from William Joyce’s Twilight over England is a reminder that refugees have long been used for non violent invasions.
In the past, these refugees were often Jews. Just as the pogroms in Russia in the 1880’s spurred emigration to the US, so did Nazi anti Semitism to the UK. T
Today Illuminati-backed insurrections have caused a deluge of refugees into Europe fulfilling the Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) plan to change the face of the continent.

by William Joyce — Twilight Over England (1940) (Excerpt by

In every direction, the Jewish advance has been immensely strengthened by the influx of the so-called “refugees.” If England had started banning the worst form of German export five years ago instead of in 1939, she would have saved herself the mortification of being eaten out of house and home by the new arrivals.
They have been shown preference before the Englishman to an extent inconceivable to those unacquainted with the facts and comprehensible only to those who appreciate at its true value the power of Jewry in England.
So great has been the indignation of certain sections of the public that even the Press has had to take notice of the abuses which have arisen. The more far-seeing Jews also have been quite worried as to the danger of the reaction which the behaviour of this new Army of Occupation must provoke.

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