A Sex Deviant Schools Ontario Children

henrymakow.com — Sept 29, 2015

 When Kathleen Wynne was Minister of Education, her Deputy Minister was Benjamin Levin, a pedophile now serving jail time. Yet she is imposing his “sex ed” program on Ontario children, grooming them for Levin’s fellow pedophiles while claiming it is to “keep kids safe.”
When Wynne’s oldest son, Chris, was eleven-years-old, his mother kicked his dad into the basement and moved her lesbian lover into his parent’s bedroom.
The Illuminati goal is to destroy the nuclear family. First Kathleen Wynne destroyed her own family. Now she’s destroying Ontario families.

by Thomas Carter — (henrymakow.com)

Kathleen Wynne. Click to enlarge

Kathleen Wynne. Click to enlarge

If you are wondering when Kathleen Wynne started destroying children, it started with her own. This is the Wynne family’s own testimony in a 2007 study on failed marriages by Cate Cochran entitled Reconcilable Differences. 1
Of course that isn’t how they try to spin it in the book, which is really about failure for failures, written by a failure. However, the author unwittingly provides us with several jewels of information. In the chapter devoted to Wynne’s self-sabotaged marriage, the author includes quotes by all of the players in the sad affair. Once the quotes are extracted it provides a pretty clear picture of what transpired and a testimony to the character of our Premier, Kathleen Wynne.


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