Did Illuminati Jewish Bankers Poison FDR?

henrymakow.com — Sept 28, 2015

A frail looking FDR at Yalta Feb 1945. He died two months later. Click to enlarge

A frail looking FDR at Yalta Feb 1945. He died two months later. Click to enlarge

In 1946, Stalin told FDR’s son that the Illuminati Jewish bankers, “the Churchill gang” [i.e. MI-6] had poisoned FDR and were trying to poison him.
They succeeded in 1953.


Parade February 9, 1986 — by Fletcher Prouty (abridged by henrymakow.com)

The World War II Cairo conference between Pres. Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill, and Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek ended on Oct. 26, 1943. That evening I was given orders to fly a group of participants from Cairo to Tehran. Up to that time, I had not been aware that there was going to be a Big Four meeting of the Super-Powers in Tehran.
As I went out to the plane that morning to get it ready to go, two limousines came from the city. They were T. V. Soong’s Chinese delegates. I flew them to Tehran that day.
En route, I stopped at Habbaniyah in Iraq for refueling, and while on the ground an Air Force B-25 arrived with an old friend of mine flying it, and with L. Col. Elliott Roosevelt, the President’s son. I introduced him and Roosevelt to the Chinese, and vice versa.
I don’t know whether any of you ever realized this, but years later the fact that Elliott Roosevelt had gone to the Tehran conference brought up one of the most amazing untold facts in our history. I can only imagine why more had not been written about it.
fdr dies headlineBecause Elliott had met Stalin in Tehran with his father in 1943, in late 1946, Gardner Cowless, publisher of LOOK magazine asked him to go to Moscow to interview Stalin.
Roosevelt accepted this offer and did interview Stalin there. At the end of a long interview, he turned to the Generalissimo and asked one more question, “Why is it that my mother has never been permitted to visit Moscow even though she has made three very formal applications for the trip?”
Stalin glared at Elliott and said, “You don’t know why?”
Elliott replied, “No!”
Quickly, Stalin responded, “Don’t you know who killed your father?”
Roosevelt-shocked-answered, “No.”

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