Tips from a Pioneer Homeshooler — Sept 18, 2015

villageVeteran patriot Tony Blizzard responds to Keoni Galt’s article on homeschooling being corrupted by Illuminati curriculums.
“My grandkids, now numbered at 14 are all home schooled and have no problem whatsoever making a living. When one is hired somewhere, those in charge of the place soon ask if any siblings are coming up that they might hire. “

by Tony Blizzard — (

Back in the early 1990s, writing articles being one of my duties at Liberty Lobby (which some of us morphed into American Free Press when LL was unlawfully shut down by a federal bankruptcy court) and because I had home schooled my own kids (when it was a jail-able offence) I was given the assignment to write a “pull out” on home schooling for The Spotlight, LL’s weekly.
But I had no end of difficulty because the editor and the owner both wanted information on the various home school plans already on the market by several organizations. I had to fight like hell to give parents the idea that there was absolutely no need to follow the Prussian sit down education to make happy little cogs in the capitalist wheel, making certain every kid learned NOTHING except what every other kid learned, like telescopes all aimed at ants and locked on them only.

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