Nazi Run Corporations Control French Economy

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The Role of Argentina and France

1Nazis-on-Champs-Elysees2-300x194Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile (1981) by Paul Manning – Below are excerpts from a summary by Dave Emory, who deserves credit for keeping this story alive.
Long after the war, the Bormann organization continued to wield effective control of the French economy, utilizing the corporate relationships developed before and during the occupation. This control is exercised by a shadowy network of personal contacts, the Illuminati, which includes both Nazis and their erstwhile “enemies.”

by Paul Manning — ( Sept 17, 2015

Among the many countries that figured in an important way in the Bormann structure were Argentina and France.
manning resizedWhen Bormann gave the go-ahead in his overall flight capital program after the decisions at Strasbourg, [in August 1944] over $6 billion of this money flowed into Buenos Aires for investment there and elsewhere in Latin America. The investments covered factories, hotels, resorts, cattle, banks, land, sugar and coffee plantations, metallurgy, insurance, electrical products, construction, and communications. It is much the same investment spectrum as established in Spain. West German [i.e. Nazi] investments today account for nearly 45 percent of all foreign investments in Spain.
French financial institutions were central to the Bormann plan. Before D-day four Paris banks, Worms et Cie., Banque de Paris et de Pays-Bas, Banque de l’Indochine (now with ‘et de Suez’ added to its name), and Banque Nationale pour le Commerce et l’Industrie (now Banque Nationale de Paris), were used by Bormann to siphon NSDAP and other German money in France to their bank branches in the colonies, where it was safeguarded and invested for its German ownership. (Ibid.; p. 140.)

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