Refugees clash with police on Serbia Hungary border

Introduction — Sept 16, 2015

Readers will note the difference in emphasis between the Jerusalem Post report, below, and the ITV reports on the situation on the Hungarian border. Both reports are brief and factual but you really have to wade through a host of other reports to get to meat in ITN’s coverage.
Britain’s foremost commercial broadcasters tells of how Up to 300 refugees sought medical help after clashes at the Serbia-Hungary borderand how there are now calls for an international response over Hungary’s “brutal actions”.
ITV’s focus being on the actions of Hungarian police rather than what they were responding to and other crucial details.
For although ITV mentions that “Police also captured an identified terrorist” you could easily miss it. It’s reported in passing under the headline “Hungary says 29 refugees detained in border clashes”. We’ve just excised the relevant passage below.
As if known terrorists being among the migrants were only a minor point. An incidental detail.
Obviously it’s not but the crisis with migrants from conflict zones — created by the West -in Iraq, Afghanistan and (covertly) in Syria — offers an opportunity to introduce more active terror groups into Europe and thereby prolong this phoney “War on Terror”. Ed

Hungary says 29 detained in border clash, including one ‘terrorist’

Jerusalem Post — Sept 16, 2015

Hungary said on Wednesday it had detained 29 migrants during clashes at its southern border with Serbia, and described one of them as an “identified terrorist”.

Gyorgy Bakondi, a security adviser to Prime Minister Viktor Orban, said 20 police officers were injured in the violence, as migrants threw rocks and concrete at police who used water cannon and tear gas.

“Police also captured an identified terrorist,” Bakondi told state television M1, without giving any more details.


Water cannon and tear gas fired at refugees on Serbia-Hungarian border

ITV — Sept 16, 2015

Hungary said 29 refugees were detained during clashes at its border with Serbia, describing one as an “identified terrorist”.

A security adviser to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said 20 police officers had been injured in the violence as rocks and concrete were thrown at police who used water cannon and tear gas.

The advisor told state television: “Police also captured an identified terrorist”, Reuters reported.