A Temporary Adios or None at All

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Greetings, dear readers; this may be the last communiqué from any of the blogs for awhile. I’ve been informed that the place I am going to has no internet yet, even though the request was put in a month ago. I was told today it might be yet another month and that is the amount of time I was expecting to stay anyway.

It is possible for me to jump through hoops to make posting occur but it would be impossible to monitor and post the comments with any kind of consistency. The oddest thing is that this is a first world country. It might be that as soon as I show up it will be resolved. I have no way of knowing. I’m not going to put myself through any changes in the attempt to stay online with my efforts. If it’s supposed to happen it will and if it’s not it won’t. In that case I will finish my new novel which I have put aside for far too long already.

I’m getting some very heavy atmosphere concerning the month of February but you won’t need me for the play by play because there are many of us at work in this area and many of us who share my apprehensions about this coming month. I’m not a psychic (and don’t want to be) or a seer. I’m just someone with an active intuition and it’s sending out all kinds of images which are neither clear nor definite at the moment.

I hope I’m wrong and I believe that the more we (the blogging public) point things out and draw attention to actions and events, we may possibly retard or side-track the intentions of the demon scum who want to terrify and enslave the world. It has been interesting for me to watch the day to day operations of government and business while all sorts of strange activities are taking place alongside the same old same old.

They set up an underwear bomber so that they could look into your underwear with machines courtesy of that vampire bat Michael Chertoff. The purpose was also to strip your dignity and compromise your humanity. It’s just one more step on the way to reducing you to herded cattle. The sad part of it all is that too many people are more than willing to submit and go along.

I’ve said many times that if I were to focus on what the dark side was up to it would surely create a profound despair. Thankfully, I look at it as the last gasps of a dying insanity that has to go all the way to the bending end before it’s reduced to a state of complete vulnerability and winds up swallowing its tongue.

It is riveting to watch the United States spread its influence, aura and military might into every corner of the world, as if it might actually control it all. It looks like a bombastic drunk teetering on a chair as it tries to replace a light bulb. It’s a recipe for disaster that has been proven so time and time again throughout history. For some reason this makes no impression on the latest fools pursuing the same predictable ends.

I get the feeling that nothing is going to be the same once this month has given way to the next. We’ve seen a series of unfortunate actions following one another like a collection of drunks doing the bunny hop at a rattlesnake farm. I don’t know if they are getting bitten or not. I do know they are more poisonous than the snakes, so that might explain why they are still dancing. Venom is venom though and eventually it’s going to have an effect.

Since I’m going to be gone for an unknown period of time I thought I might say a few words about this Dog Poet thing. Overall, the response to my usage of this title has been supportive and positive. Now and again someone gets tweaked about it without having any information concerning how it happened in the first place.

I was born in the Year of The Dog and ever since I was a child I have had a connection with the Sirius Cluster that has involved numerous experiences which I won’t be getting into at the moment. I have a large family of dogs. My consort and I rescue them when we can. They are an intimate part of our lives and a major focus. I have been a poet long before I was anything else and I fit a lot of the profile but not one hundred percent. On the other hand, the whole thing is speculative to begin with and there is certainly nothing precise about the Web Bots predictions. They are very general, or so they seem to me. I am a fan of this operation because what has been predicted fits very closely with what I see myself.

I didn’t intend to offend or piss anyone off when this began earlier last year. The moment I saw it, it struck me and everything happened automatically. I didn’t think about or reason any of it out. It just happened. The predictions may be real and they may be something else entirely. It might have something to do with me and it might have nothing to do with me but it seemed like an intriguing and entertaining thing to do, like my occasional Starfleet Commander persona or my hopping about in the saucer pod. For a guy with a certain amount of MPS this kind of thing isn’t difficult at all. Fitting in to an increasingly twisted perversion of reality is difficult, this is not.

Most people are very positive about these blogs. I know this because I post the comments and I read the emails. There’s a small percentage of occasional readers and one off passersby who are not entertained or amused. Some of them have very definite ideas about what I should be doing and some of them have a very strange take on what I am doing that doesn’t resemble what I am doing at all. Some are just angry and some are resentful without ever taking the trouble to do anything of note in the first place. Only a self-deluding fool expects everyone to like them. It’s not going to happen. The goal is to have most of your responses and interactions be favorable …and the rest can qualify as a part of life’s natural irritations. You might get a pearl out of it.

This multi-pronged project of mine that includes the blogs and the music can be a very wearying thing. It occupies so much time. Even when you’re not engaged in it, it’s there. It also brings a heavy telepathy with it because we are all connected and certain things are happening at this time which is activating the formerly latent, telepathic abilities of everyone so inclined. It’s created another internet that no one is in a position to shut down. It also means that people can wind up living in your head.

I’ve met some truly remarkable people at these blogs from all over the world. The collective talents of the readers comprise enough abilities to manifest and efficiently operate a new world …and they might just do that up the road.

Things are happening more and more quickly. Time is speeding up. The human mind is being opened up and powers that have been sleeping for a long time are waking up. It’s a trip to dance with it all and not get thrown into a tangle. It takes a lot of letting go all of the time to keep up with what is happening and have it integrate as it should.

More and more, I feel like anything is possible. More and more I have no idea what I should be doing but just have to put one foot in front of the other and try to be restrained and watchful. I hear from readers every day who are in the same boat, on an ocean that has stopped behaving the way it used to behave and is now doing all sorts of unusual things. Some of them we can see and some of them we cannot. We feel these things but we don’t know what they mean… yet.

It could be that internet access inexplicably appears very soon after I arrive, or not at all. I will return when the opportunity is there and in the meantime I will continue to work offline while spending a certain amount of time on that other internet I mentioned earlier. Hopefully I will have time to record my radio show tomorrow for this Sunday night. The links for the live show and following download are both in the right hand menu. It’s been a real pleasure interacting with you and I hope we can get back together soon.




I’m Coming Back


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