Meeting at the Marrow

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Imagine that you have a fire within you and that what you feed the fire, determines the quality of the flame and the degree of smoke that comes off of it. This is a multi-dimensional fire that burns on several levels of being and it is fed by thoughts; words, deeds and what you put into your body. Everything you eat has a vibrationary signature; a chemical integrity that makes it different from everything else. There are cows, pigs and rabbits, as well as all the other ‘meats’ that people consume. There are the bird meats and fish meats as well. Each of these meats has a personality to it and at some level it combines with your own personality. Vegetables and grains have a personality too.

A certain quality of being and energy is created by whatever combination you accustom yourself to and over the course of time you become what you are in respect of what you’ve taken in. There is a reverse course to this as well. Everything that comes out of you impresses your environment and over time your image hardens into what you look like to others. Everyone having an impression of you is influenced by their own intake and outflow too. It can be complicated and it usually is. Still, there’s a general impression that we give and then there are the extremes of others who like and dislike us.

What we think and say and do is probably more important than what we eat and drink but everything has some degree of effect on the overall experience.

We see the beasts, the birds and the fishes as creatures involved in basic activities that don’t change. They eat and sleep and reproduce and they protect and educate their offspring in the simple routines of their lives. They learn and teach about danger. They communicate among themselves in a very simple way… or so it seems. Some animals have fairly complex social worlds and some do not. No one could possibly study the whole of Nature. One might say no one could possibly study the whole of the nature within them either and… their conclusions about their observations are going to be colored by what they eat and drink; think, say and do and the quality of the reasoning which comes from what they arrived with and what they grew into.

The times in which you live have a lot to do with what and how you think you are. Events that happen to you and events you witness or hear about have a big influence on what and who you think you are. We are all shaped by our environment and we unconsciously accommodate ourselves to it in order to move through it. Each of us strives for a state of harmony and security according to what we think we want and… what we think we want is based on many things, including what has happened to us as well as what we have witnessed and heard.

There are a number of factors that can be brought to bear on this subject and many books have been written about it. None of the books are fully comprehensive so it would be ludicrous to image that 1500 words would serve… unless one could count upon the intelligence of the reader to see beyond the need for endless comparisons and arguments as well as the presentation of some enormous body of evidence that would turn the whole matter into a mare’s nest.

I have a preference for Alexander’s treatment of The Gordian Knot, which is like cutting through the bullshit. Sometimes there’s more bullshit than at other times and these times certainly qualify in that regard.

When I looked at life and the situations it created for others and myself, I wondered what it meant. What was the purpose of it? This is a critical thing. Some people wonder about the meaning of life and some people just want to create a space for themselves in which to live it… nothing more.

People are very quick to criticize what they see and hear around them and they base it on whatever personal standards they came up with. They are far less likely to criticize themselves because that it human nature. Most of the judgments that people make are directly tied to their need for security; the security of their physical person, the security of their position, the security of their reputation… all the parts of themselves that need protecting. What are they protecting and how effective is anyone at this in the end result? Almost no one is effective at all of these things and even when you are effective at it, most of us aren’t even remembered for very long after we were done with all of our efforts and …gone to an unknown location or… according to some; simply gone to rot in the Earth with no follow-up.

It is a very rare person who is consumed in the search for meaning and who makes that the purpose of their life. These people are going to experience real difficulty because their search is going to put them at odds with the world in which they live, sooner or later. They are also going to be at odds with their fellows because their thoughts and words and deeds are a reminder of something that everyone senses but few wish to acknowledge. Most of us do not want to be reminded about what is all means because that calls into question and diminishes the efforts and accomplishments that are so important to so many of us. Everyone wants validation and they usually find it on the world’s terms.

Success on the world’s terms requires compromise. It requires making arrangements with certain market forces which drive the world’s economies. Most people look at successful entertainers, sports figures, business people and all the variations of power and prominence as a desirable end. Most people do not see the advertising written on their clothing and often their person as well… or know what that implies. Most people do not realize the amount of accommodation that has to be made in order to maintain one’s status in the world. Deals have to be made along the way. People think that these icons are free but they are not free at all. It is one of life’s most powerful illusions and what causes it to fill the dreams and occupy the efforts of so many who do not possess it… the idea that it is something it is not.

You can only be free if you are free of it; free of the desire for it and free of the nagging persistence of the world and your own thoughts which tell you that you missed it, as if ‘it’ were the object of life, even though it will all be taken from you at some point, no matter what.

It comes down to whether you believe in a Supreme Being or not. It comes down to whether there is a Supreme Being or not. I happen to know that there is. In the process of discovering this and having it irrefutably proven, I thought and said and did things that were considered illegal and socially unacceptable. They may or may not have been essentially wrong. It depends on whether one succeeded or not… the same way it does in the world. I see illegal and socially unacceptable activities at work every day and the final interpretation depends on the power and position of the person performing them… or it has for a long time …but that is about to change.

If there is a Supreme Being (and there is), that is who will judge us… or rather, that is the only judgment that counts. We need to think about who we are pleasing as we proceed because we cannot please both the world and the Supreme Being. We will be judging ourselves in the final analysis but that judgment will come as a result of the truth being revealed to us by the one whose job it is to do so.

We do not know others any better than we know ourselves. We measure everything and judge everything according to what we assume to be true about ourselves. In most cases it does not take a great deal of trauma or sudden dread to peel away the thin veneer we have convinced ourselves is what we are. All of our self assurance and professed ideals can vanish in a heartbeat. They are only as real as the environment that supports and feeds them.

One thing life does is test the power and integrity of what we believe in and rely upon. Life shows us if what we serve and believe in is real. The meaning of life and the purpose of life is the discovery of the meaning and purpose of life. There is no other reason and everything and anything that happens is connected only to this. The sooner one comes to this understanding, the better it is for them in every respect; better to meet it at the marrow than to live in the thinness of your skin.

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The Tangled Woods

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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.