The Poison Tree: Part II

Sustaining a metaphor can become tiring (and tiresome)……so enough of the tree.


Many of us now know that our governmental system is dominated by the worst imaginable kind of criminals. We understand that our governments are not elected persons but ‘shadow governments’, led by the masters of the international financial system. These are our real government. These are the people that rule our lives.

We know that these ‘shadow governments’ brought us 9/11. We know why. We know that the ‘intelligence services’, the CIA, MI6, Mossad and more besides, act as this shadow government’s private army. We know they will never be held accountable for their crimes because their masters are senior to any policeman or any politician. We also know that they are way ahead of us. They know the next stunt they are going to pull against us but we don’t. The recent raise in the ‘terror threat’ level and ‘Bin Laden’s’ (i.e. the CIA’s) warning of a “new 9/11″ gives us plenty to worry about.

Using such methods, we know that they intend to drag us all under the heel of a ‘New World Order’. We know that if this comes to pass, total control of our world will rest in the hands of the ‘shadow government’. We believe that the leadership of this ‘shadow government’ resides principally with those who control the process of creating our money.

We object to this system. We object to it as it is now and, even more, to the Orwellian future that is being prepared for us.

We want to destroy these systems entirely.


There are many millions of us who long to bring our system down but we are barely organised. Organising effectively presents a great challenge. Having been a member of 9/11 Truth (UK & Ireland) for two or three years since 2005, it soon became clear that agreeing about 9/11 was useful for one thing only. Educating people about 9/11 and related issues. Such education was a good thing in itself and 9/11 awareness has certainly altered society in ways thaty are sometimes quite palpable. However, it could never serve as a basis for a political movement that wants to challenge the power of our multi-headed single-bodied one-party state. 9/11 Truthers can agree about 9/11 (well, about obvious aspects of 9/11) but little else.

So what do we need? We need to be organised in numbers. We need active people to work more on the ground and less on the internet. We need to find a vision we can share. We need a strategy for making progress.

The big problem comes with the ‘vision’. We need one. Well, I do anyway.

What propagandists understand is that people need ‘narratives’. ‘Narratives’ beat a bunch of facts any day. A ‘narrative’ is satisfying. It offers an alternative.

‘Communism’ presented to the world a kind of materialist Christianity. It offers to satisfy our innate desire for equality and social justice. It proffers a version of ‘brotherly love’. In reality we now know it was no Christianity at all. It was, rather, a perfect paradigm for creating total centralisation of power while brainwashing the population at large that they were part of something good, even holy.

The ‘New World Order’ will work along these lines.


Our power systems are all pyramidal, with ultimate power resting at the top. If we gathered a future generation of the communion of saints (while they are still alive on earth) and placed them at in control over all our systems, we surely know by now that it would only be a matter of time before crooks re-occupied the highest positions and our downward spiral began all over again.

The reason for this is obvious. The majority of decent people do not make it their mission in life to seek great wealth and power. Theirs is a more family-orientated, more self-productive, more spiritual life. People who reflect seriously recognise that wealth and power are, more often than not, obstacles to right values and, therefore, fulfilment and happiness.

So, any meaningful alternative vision for the future that we promote must have as a necessary feature there being no possibility (or absolutely minimal possibility) of power over society being concentrated in a few hands.

Pyramidal systems must go.


The only option (I can think of) that would enforce this as a reality would be for people to live in small self-governing communities where it is possible for everybody to know everybody else. In such circumstances criminals and monsters could not possibly prosper, except fitfully. Provisions would be put in place so that these kinds of people could never rise to rule us again. (‘These people’ being much like ourselves. The point about the pyramidal system is that, once criminals are at the top, it only encourages and rewards actions that serve power, no matter how they act against the common good. We all, to a greater or lesser extent, participate in crimes carried out in our name)

A community of real people will establish its values and proscribe its defining parameters towards the common good(It may be an act of faith to believe such a thing, but I’m sure it’s true. Most people are predominantly good and most of those who are not aspire to goodness). There could be no grand visions of dominating the world or ‘having it all’. Reality would define itself. Things would become what they actually are rather than perceived according to their possible financial leverage. I will write a piece of music and perform it to express the gifts and the God-given joy that are in me, not with any hope invested in possible future royalties or other reward. Life will become as it should with people exploring and developing their capacity to give, in whatever way, for the good of all. People will not seek security by ‘storing up treasures on earth’ as we almost universally do now.

The destruction of pyramidal power needs to be applied to ALL entities.

In an ideal world there will be no bank, no corporation, no mass media.

It is hard to say this as a Catholic but the Catholic Church over the centuries has strayed as far from Christ as any other corporation or power elite. Today the Vatican promotes the “coming New World Order”. It seems most likely that it has been occupied since 1958 by agents of Freemasonry. What’s the point in any church if it works for Satan? Surely, any centrally administered religion offers the same threat to society at large. Dreading the idea of leading others astray on this issue, I stand to be corrected….but churches too must surely find a way of organising themselves without any established hierarchy.

Let there be real democracy. I will be free. You will be free. We will be part of a self-confident and vibrant community. We will have a vote and a right to be heard on all matters, the same as everybody else.

Let there be no money, if possible (as in early Christian Ireland). Let there be no concept of ‘property’ (as in the South Pacific islands before Captain Cook’s arrival). Debt, insurance, property….are our chains of enslavement to the money system. If we leave bankers the tool of money creation they can get it all eventually anyway. We will never be free of them while we grasp for an overblown material prosperity. Let societies pursue the spiritual, that ordinary neighbours discover full connection with the divine. Let a person’s security be the support of their community, not the quality of their insurance policies.

It is interesting that just such a society features as a vision of the future in Howard Storm’s near-death experience. A bemused Storm says he was shown that this is how the world will be in 200 years time.

Yo, great creator!

Well, bring it on.

……actually, it is difficult to see how a truly free and spiritual society could be any other way than as Howard Storm describes.


We must organise and connect. It will be very difficult for any new organisation to build itself up from scratch and make a serious impact within today’s matrix.

The media will only promote mainstream puppets. Also, new organisations get heavily infiltrated by MI5 agents who become the most enthusiastic activists while collapsing any initiative that offers the prospect of producing real change. I’ve seen these things myself within the 9/11 movement. The Social Credit movement of the 1920’s/30’s, whose policy it was to remove the power of money-creation from bankers, was brought down by such shennanigans after some small successes.

Better initially to work within existing organisations. Churches and Unions particularly. Staff associations and sports clubs.

An effective opposition might operate as some kind of universalist anti-globalist or anti-banking or anti-Luciferian alliance.

A start must be made. Christian churches should be approached and ask for permission to give a talk on some weekday evening or after a Sunday service, whatever is possible. I hope to speak about the Money system, the marrying of monopolistic capitalism and communism into a new super-monopoly called ‘The New World Order’. Next, their methods of achieving their aims…..false-flag terror, endless war, banking collapses, Frankfurt School social engineering. I will outline the Luciferian nature of Talmudic and masonic ideologies and remind people that Christ drove out the moneychangers from the Temple and identified the proto-Talmudists, the Pharissees as enemies of the true ‘Israel’ and agents of Satan. It would be good to see some Christians, besides Bishop Williamson, start taking these issues seriously. The Romans now work for the moneychangers. However, Talmudic thinking still holds the edifice together. Our whole system of law and parliamentary discourse is based on it.

We will be Christian Universalists or find some similar label.

Islam is a sister faith, worshipping the same God, honouring Christ. They will have their own theological take on the situation but one can be confident that on these issues we will basically agree.

Is it possible we could have organised Moslem Universalists to work alongside.

Likewise, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, atheist Universalists.

Atheists, humanists and rationalists might reject my God or even the idea of ‘God’ but we are all fully of the same nature so I will recognise in them the spirit of ‘God’ nonetheless.

Why, the globalist hierarchy and Lucifer himself are all sustained by the power of the same creator. It is just that they do not recognise Him for what He is. They take their gifts and, imagining they are independent of their creator, put these gifts in service of self rather than the common good. Theirs is the criminal mindset. Their life is sin by choice.

A person’s God is their ultimate vision of good. As adults we need to consciously hold this vision before us and work (and pray, for working will be a kind of prayer) with it. It is interesting that we hold this desired ‘vision’ most intimately when we have no mental ‘vision’ at all. As young children, “the greatest among us” as Christ said, we inhabited the innate joyful given nature that IS God….most of the time.

Most of us will agree that love, truth, justice, peace are the noblest of ideals. If a person joyfully holds and celebrates these ideals in their heart, should anyone criticise them for calling these ideals a name other than Christ?


For anyone who holds an almost absurdly idealistic vision of society in the future, how could you imagine moving the world sensibly from today’s corporate nightmare towards such a perfect world?

We might do worse than copy the methods of the (so far successful) opposition.

Firstly, let’s start with a little “divide-and-rule”. Explain the truth, expose the facts, undermine the cynical, encourage the timid. Separate Jewish people and Freemasons from the wicked ideology of their hierarchies.

I would remind people of Christ who DEMANDED that we reject lies, which enslave, and embrace truth, that will set us free, who insisted that we cannot remain impartial in this battle and demonstrated how to “love God with your whole strength, your whole heart and your whole mind” and demonstrated how we might “love our neighbours as ourselves”.

Secondly, manage things initially without necessarily changing them…..and then move slowly in the desired direction as fast as is wise to take people along with you. Like the architects of the EU, any revolutionary power should be prepared to ‘boil the frog’.

The only difference in a new paradigm would be that for a government genuinely offering a good thing it will be possible to employ such strategies openly while explaining them as you go…..

…..rather than in the manner of our Luciferian masters…..who employ these methods secretly in order to deceive, disable and dominate.

Who knows, one day……quite soon……we might even convert…..the bankers and the Pharissees……now there’s a shocking thought!

As some kind of evidence, or perhaps encouragement, below are a few lines from “The Secret People” by G.K. Chesterton:

They have given us into the hands of the new unhappy lords,
Lords without anger and honour, who dare not carry their swords.
They fight by shuffling papers; they have bright dead alien eyes;
They look at our labour and laughter as a tired man looks at flies.

….come on, they’re not a happy lot are they? When it is all taken from them they’ll be happy for the first time in their lives. So come on, guys and gals, let’s do these poor unhappy b*stards a favour.
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