German “Illuminati” Published in Nick of Time — Sept 10, 2015

Illuminati-Buch-grauer-Hintergrund-216x300The publication of a German translation of Illuminati will help Germans understand why the Masonic Jewish bankers undermine their racial and cultural heritage.
The book has been expanded to include all the information regarding Hitler and WW2, showing the evidence that Hitler likely was an Illuminati agent charged with leading Germany to destruction.

by Dieter — (

Henry, my response took a little time. I wanted to include some feedback about the situation in Germany. There´s a lot to say about the crazy immigration situation.
So far 800.000 Africans came into Germany this year alone. 90% young men, like soldiers. Which need to be integrated, says the government.
Just a beginning. Thomas Barnett decreed it should be 1.5 million every year into Europe. All of them receive smartphones. That´s so important. It looks like Germany and also Europe is set up for the next “colour revolution”. Steered through Twitter or through a smartphone app.

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