Iranian troops join Russians in Syria fighting

Introduction — Sept 10, 2015

Israeli Air Force F-16i jets in flight. Click to enlarge

Israeli Air Force F-16i jets in flight. Click to enlarge

The situation in Syria looks increasingly serious, with Western sword rattling and reports that Iranian troops are now joining Russian troops to bolster Assad’s regime.
The latest report, not yet echoed in the Western media, is one of the most serious yet. According to Iran’s Fars News, Israeli aircraft launched strikes on Syrian artillery positions near Damascus on Thursday.
Significantly, the Israeli air strikes appear to have been carried out in coordination with the militants. Because they were launched after the Syrian artillery helped repel an attack on Syrian army positions on the east side of Zabadani. Once the air strike was over the terrorists renewed their attacks on the Syrian army positions. Ed.

Iranian troops join Russians in Syria fighting

Yoav Zitum — Ynet News Sept 10, 2015

Qasem Soleimani, commander of Iran’s elite Quds Force, has sent hundreds of ground soldiers into Syria in the past few days apparently in cooperation with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, said a senior Israeli security official Thursday.

Russia has also recently deployed military assets into Syria and according to the Israeli source, has teamed up with Iran in an unprecedented attempt to protect the embattled regime of Bashar Assad from falling to rebel groups including the Islamic State.

The Israeli source said that Iran’s increased military involvement in Syria was “due to Assad’s crisis and under Russian-Iranian cooperation as a result of a meeting between Soleimani with Russian President Vladimir Putin,” said the Israeli source.

The only Iranian force that has operated in Syria so far has been the Basij militia, a paramilitary organization with a relatively small number of fighters.

The security official said that Israel has little to worry about Russia’s military activity in Syria saying that it is “not directed at Israel.

“We have dialogue with Russia and we aren’t in the middle of the Cold War,” continued the source. “We have open channels with the Russians.”

Israeli security leaders assess that Assad currently controls just 25-30 percent of Syria, mainly around the country’s shoreline where critical supplies are shipped into ports.

“It’s hard to forecast whether Russia’s presence will decide the fate of Syria, but it will lengthen the fighting and bloodletting for at least another year because ISIS won’t give up,” said the Israeli source.

Along Israel’s border with Syria in the Golan Heights, Assad maintains just two enclaves at Quneitra and another smaller area further north, centered around Syrian-Druze villages that look to the regime for protection.

Rebels used bad weather caused by a massive sandstorm across the Middle East in the last few days to gain control of a government-controlled air field near the northern city of Idlib.


Israel Conducts Airstrikes at Syrian Artillery near Damascus

Fars News — Sept 10, 2015

The Israeli Air Force has carried out airstrikes against an artillery position of the Syrian Army near the town of Zabadani, around 45 km (28 miles) from Syria’s capital Damascus, a military source told Sputnik on Thursday.

“Israeli Air Force planes carried out airstrikes at an artillery position belonging to the Syrian Army,” the source said. “The artillery was used by the army to repel attacks from militants in the eastern part of Zabadani.”

The source added that terrorists attacked Syrian army positions on the east side of Zabadani in the early hours of Thursday. The Syrian military, supported by the artillery shelling, managed to repel the attack after a three-hour battle.

After the Israeli Air Force carried out the airstrike, militants reportedly launched a second assault attempt, also repelled by the government’s forces, according to the source.

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