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I guess we will have to delay the definitive treatise on political correctness and multi-culturalism for a little longer as we have spotted something in the Petri Dish that looks a lot like Ebola, even if it doesn’t eat your face… literally …but eats up other amorphous portions of a person’s being. These portions of a person’s being are amorphous only from the perspective of a society which never saw a photo-shopped ass that it didn’t prefer over the living light of the soul.

I think of the soul as being like a mirror. It carries the reflected light of the spirit. It’s less of a mirror and more of a vessel, of course. It’s something like the phial that held the glimmer of Galadriel which was to be a light in dark places for Frodo. I need the mirror image (pun intended) for my presentation though and so we’ll go with that.

You can throw shit- or just about anything- at a mirror and the staining is temporary… or can be temporary; you only have to wipe it off. It’s a good metaphor. In these dark days there are many who prefer to parade around with the ordure in place because they think it adds to their allure, the same way a dog thinks it smells better when it rolls in a roadside carcass and doesn’t understand why you aren’t as impressed as it hoped you would be. All the fashionable swains are wearing eau de dead armadillo these days.

You can let dust collect on the mirror until the reflection is no longer visible and lots of people do that too because the light of the soul is an annoyance in the uptown watering holes where the exotic animals like to congregate. They prefer a flattering light and the light of the soul is not going to accent the features they are looking to showcase. It’s better to dim your lights if you want to drive very far on the wide highway that leadeth to destruction thereof (grin).

I’ve been around a certain amount of celebrities and some of them were very famous. I have some idea of the sort of personality disorders that surface when people get the idea that they are God on Earth. Even though there are thousands of these God’s on Earth they still believe in their own unique luminescence even as it fades inexorably into inevitable deliquescence down the road. They operate in all areas of endeavor from the playing fields of bouncing balls to the amphitheatres where they spend their time groping their balls, for the unrequited desire and delight of those secretaries who have to put on their makeup on the Staten Island Ferry every morning, in the cavernous toilets, as they sail to New York City and dream of their moment in the lights when their number comes up… someday, as it will for everyone who wants it, which… explains some of the performances we get to see, especially these days.

Some may disapprove of my knocking celebrities and some may fear I’ll catch it up the road for my efforts. Well… even if I was St. Francis of Assisi (and I’m not) there would be people disliking me, even if I never said these words so… I might as well have my say since it won’t change any of that. You might want to drop in at Assisi if you’re ever in Italy and see what they’ve done with the place. I’d like to see Francis’s face if he were to get a look at it. It’s like Graceland, only worse. I was much amused to see the monk’s sauntering about and chatting on their cellphones; when they weren’t playing rock star for their adoring public (it looked like a theme park for pederasts)… but I digress.

So, Leonardo Dicaprio gave a million dollars to the Clinton-Bush charity for the Haiti’s (Hades?) relief charity that they put together? This is similar to some member of the middle class making a hundred dollar donation to a cause; I think Leonardo gets about 20 million a film… probably more. That hundred dollar donation is not going to garner the same publicity however. That’s not my point though. My point it the Clinton-Bush charity.

Aren’t both Clinton and Bush personally responsible for a great deal of suffering in Haiti irrespective of the earthquake? I believe if you look into the matter you will find it to be so and there’s a great deal of talk that the earthquake was engineered by unnatural means. It’s not like the government doesn’t engage in manufactured crises for the purpose of profit. They might not have had this particular technology back then but… they do now. If they did do the deed, one can reasonably assume that Clinton-Bush was and are associated with the forces that carried it out. I can see The Walrus (Clinton) and The Carpenter (Bush) strolling arm and arm through Port au Prince bemoaning the tragedy. I can see it clear as crystal.

Of course Madonna and Sheryl Crow had to show up; looking good peckerwood! I think we’ll include my homage to Madonna as the song for today at the end of this… this… whatever this is. There’s no word on whether Sheryl has hooked up with Payton Manning yet. He’s a bigger human billboard than Lance Armstrong and was a heavy Bush supporter. It seems the logical choice.

I would dearly love to see the Haitian people get relief, make no mistake about that. Pardon me if I am a little uncertain that it’s going to arrive via Clinton-Bush. I see where the mining companies are virulently and violently active in various parts of Haiti and; weren’t the mining interests the biggest contributors to Bush the Stupid’s presidential campaigns? You know, I believe they were. This is one of those moments where you can see irony and hypocrisy equally balanced on the seesaw. It’s a beautiful thing.

I suspect there are some legitimate charities but you will have to do the research. I suggest you do. Money has a funny way of not arriving at its advertised destination. I suspect there are some celebrities who actually give a shit about the Haitians. I suspect they were already helping out before the tragedy… or helping out with some condition of human misery… somewhere?

Hundreds of thousands of Haitians have hit the road for other places which, I suspect is an indication of how effective the relief efforts have been at the primary location. Why would they go migrating into the unknown when all the food, shelter and assistance are back the way they came?

I have the highest regard for Medicins Sans Frontieres (pardon, my keyboard does not have accent a grave or accent a gue) and the remarkable work they have done around the world under the most trying of circumstances, most often caused by people like Clinton-Bush. I know there are selfless lightworkers around the world who serve beneath the radar. They are vastly outnumbered by those showing up for the cameras. I hope you can forgive my cynicism. I’ve seen things and they are hard to forget. I sense things and they are hard to deny. Once I become a little more realized, I will probably be more understanding than I am now. This piece is not to praise those who are doing the right thing. This piece is to point out certain odious behavior that I suspect is afoot.

Clinton-Bush and their charming wives (one of whom is certainly the incarnation of Elizabeth Bathory; or that might be Barbara Bush), family and associates in the trade along with their comrades in weapons development, the arms trade and the financial world see no confusion of purpose between their wholesale mass murder and genocide of Iraqis, Afghanis, Pakistanis, Lebanese or Palestinians and their glad-handing the Haitians who are migrating away from those firm handshakes of support as I write these words. No, it’s business as usual and there’s plenty of death and suffering at both ends of this spectrum, just the way they like it.

Celebrities are generally a clueless lot and actors are among the worst. You morph a certain way when you pretend to be the people who actually did or experienced what you are misrepresenting.

I believe in charity. I recently helped someone out who made the whole process extremely difficult and then didn’t bother to thank me. It’s not about thanks though. It is about doing the right thing and also finding out you can’t help some people. I do not mean this in regard to the Haitians… it’s just a life observation. I believe in charity and I believe you should be engaged in it at all times and that it is only occasionally about money. I believe it should be kept as private as possible and it should reach the intended recipient too. I believe in a lot of things that I don’t see much of but I do have a lot of faith in humanity and my gratitude goes out to those who do what they can as they go. As for the rest of you, “verily you have your reward”.

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