Sensible Son – Jan 9, 2020

Peer pressure, propaganda and economic realism overrules a father’s influence.  
“It’s not enough to have children. If we want them to carry on our beliefs, we have to teach them from a young age. We have to shut out ‘education’ and the mass media.”
My son still thinks my readers are losers. My family doesn’t know what to make of me.
When it comes to the Cabalist Conspiracy, we have an understanding. “Don’t ask. Don’t tell.”

By Henry Makow PhD — (From October 2008)

Tonight at supper, I tried to impress my 19-year-old son with the heavy responsibility he bears as my sole heir.
“Some day you will inherit,” I said. “Perhaps you’d like to practise by writing a guest column.”
“I already have a topic.”
 I was delighted. “What is it?”
“I’ll write about how some people, who are misfits, shut-ins and  schizophrenics  pretend a big scary conspiracy is the reason they can’t get ahead, and blame society for their problems.”
“That’s not what I had in mind.”
“I don’t mean you dad. I mean your readers.”

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