Tezcatlipoca, Hunger Porn and Corporate Obeah

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Tezcatlipoca= Smoking Mirrors. You’ll have to do your own myths and legends research. You get better retention that way and you also don’t have to learn anything you don’t want to. It’s a win-win situation.

We’ve got a lot of smoking mirrors in operation at the moment. Where there’s smoke there’s fire and we’ve got lots of fire too; the fire of impure desire, as one or more tenants of various spiritual traditions might label it. Is Haiti the plural of ‘hater’? Is there a logical and compassionate reason for not providing food but only water because someone didn’t get the memo?

This might be the time to get into Organ Harvesting Futures because the Carlyle of organ harvesters is on location, getting more press than Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction. While this non-stop photo op goes on, incoming planes filled with medical supplies and all the other necessaries for treatment and recovery in Gaza’s sister city, are still being waved off and sent to The Dominican Republic. There’s a lot of angry chatter in the background about the ham handed control of ingress to Haiti. In the meantime, US ships are blocking the sea lanes so that none of those starving Haitians can make it to the forbidden mainland.

Calls are going out for money all over the place and the likelihood of even a small portion of that money reaching any particular Haitians is slim and none. Hunger Porn is alive and well in Haiti. This fellow has a clearer idea of what you should be doing.

I like to see things through a cosmic window. For me, Haiti is a demonstration of many things for those with eyes to see. Corporate interests have been plundering Haiti for a long time and sitting on resources they plan to exploit. In the meantime they’ve engineered enormous sweatshops, which they present as their idea of an economic revival for Haiti. You can find out the details on your own and without a great deal of trouble if you know how to look.

For some reason, I read a great deal about Haiti as a child, primarily that period which dealt with the revolution and the reign of King Christophe, after the Haitian Revolution resulted in independence from France. It was fascinating reading and an early glimpse into the intricacies of political skullduggery, as well as the madness that comes upon everyone so engaged. I read a lot of books about world events and the movers and shakers as a child. I read a lot of biographies. The world doesn’t change anything but the clothes of the players. It’s comi-tragic theater, recycling the same eternal plots the way sitcoms do.

I admit to a curiosity about why Aid is being routed away from the place where it is needed and why food isn’t being given out and I note that this is a key to the outbursts of violence and looting that follow. A=B=C. So it would seem that those controlling what comes and goes, fully intend for chaos to descend and… I ponder their motives. I observe the large influx of military and I see it must be about ‘control’. Then it would seem that Haiti has been kept poor for a reason. It is clear to be seen that Haiti has been kept poor for a reason. I don’t know if that is the entire reason but it is surely a major reason because we are collectively enduring different degrees of persecution of all sorts, at all levels, for the profit and enjoyment of bankers and corporate thugs, presently in control of most of the world’s governments.

These black magicians of finance are practicing their versions of Obeah upon the residents of Haiti and it’s got more clout than the local Obeah. I keep coming back to those re-routed aid planes and how the food is being with-held and how that is generating anger, frustration and rage. Now all they need is for Franklin Graham to roll into town with his Jesus Nazis and we can have ourselves a Mardi Gras.

Let’s move away from the obvious and partially unobvious to what is hidden behind the scenes. I prefer to look at everything as the playing out of cosmic dramas. In this sense, Haiti becomes symbolic, as well as a road marker on the way to some point that is being made by the divine ineffable. Everything that happens is a kind of evidence. It doesn’t help to have evidence if you lack an awareness of a cosmic inter-penetrating mind. If you accept that everything is being orchestrated and if you accept that it is not being orchestrated by those who think they are in possession of the conductor’s baton… then you can sort and sift and see what your intuition tells you.

Like the tsunami and like Katrina, Haiti is only a precursor of things to come and some of those are going to be visiting more upscale locations as time goes by. Those who have more than they need are being given opportunity after opportunity to do the right thing; to change their evil ways… to change their hearts but, as we know, this is unlikely. Still, the opportunity has to be given. It wouldn’t do for them to have their day in court and be in any position to say that they didn’t know, or to plead exigent circumstances. The things we face in life, which we call trials or challenges, are all opportunities. They are opportunities to demonstrate our humanity, our faith, our courage and our principles. None of these belong to us, of course, they are the qualities of the divine seeking to manifest within us; trials and challenges bring them out or… we don’t rise to the occasion. More often we do not and so the intensity has to be ratcheted up.

One thing we have seen plenty of evidence of in recent times is unbridled greed. We have also seen the illegal and immoral raised to an art form. The behavior of Goldman Sachs and Blankenfeld’s pronouncement of ‘doing God’s work’ are powerful examples. The destruction of native industry for the sake of increased profits and the repossession of homes leading to increased homelessness, for the sake of windfall acquisition, are all a part of this. This is also a demonstration being played out before the eyes of the world with the participants duly noted.

If you view what it taking place in the world, without the inclusion of an all controlling divine ineffable, then it can surely cause you to despair. It can crush you and leave you in that helpless state, which is the intention of those performing it upon you. If you do realize that everything is under control then it takes on a whole new appearance and you can watch with interest and excitement, wondering where it is being directed to go.

Because of the desire for profit and control, with a liberal addition of incompetence and cluelessness, those in charge have botched every recent disaster as if they were cartoon characters. This is what comes of not doing the right thing. The right thing is not just a moral imperative, it is also what works. That’s why it’s called ‘the right thing’. The wrong thing does not work but, given control of the flow of information, it can be justified and… the beat goes on.

Given that they could not manage the tragedies already mentioned, what do you think they are going to be able to do about even larger events that are in the hopper? Mismanagement of challenges due to malfeasance and vile self interest always lead to greater challenges of the same order for the purpose of further demonstration. There’s a point to this, cosmically speaking. As you are led further and further into the tortured environment that has been created by your own lack of discrimination and humanity, your sense of control over the process becomes increasingly weakened, until fear and terror can take the upper hand… this is the prelude to trial and judgment.

I hope I haven’t been too convoluted or arcane with this missive. I don’t know what I’m going to write until I write it. This is just the way it looked to me today or maybe the way it looked to whoever gave me the words, while I was getting out of the way. I suppose you could say that they have their hands full with this… the usual business in which they engage AND their plans for the Winter Olympics but when you are as wrong as wrong can be to begin with… no amount of excuses are valid. May light break upon the minds of those who wander in darkness. May the darkness break …and the light prevail.

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