‘The World is Cooling and Global Warming is a Fraud,’

According to our sources, Nick Griffin is an intelligence asset used to hijack public concern over key issues and lead it up a blind alley. He started with unrestricted immigration into the UK. Now he’s telling the European Parliament that ‘global warming’ is a fraud. Of course, he may be right but voters need to recognise that Griffin is cynically exploiting these issues for political gain. Ed.

The world is cooling and “global warming” is a fraud, Nick Griffin MEP told a shocked European Parliament this afternoon.

“After Copenhagen, let us reassess the whole global warming story,” Mr Griffin started out by saying.

“At Copenhagen we had the irony not just of Climategate Two, but also the onset of one of the harshest winters in decades.

“Since then we have seen the debunking of the Potsdam sea level scare. The Goddard Institute has been caught fiddling the temperature records. The vanishing Himalayan Glaciers have been exposed as a fantasy. Mr Pachauri has emerged as a climate change profiteer.

“The world is cooling. Global warming is a fraud,” he said to shocked stares from his fellow MEPs.

“This is not a victimless crime. Carbon taxes push up fuel prices, killing our old folk as we speak. The billions wasted researching this non-existent problem are billions that cannot be spent defeating real scourges such as Alzheimer’s, or ending real environmental disasters such as deforestation.

“Carbon credit trading makes billions for City sharks at the expense of families in poverty. The loss of agricultural land to bio-fuels has already doubled food prices, so millions starve while greedy corporations make even fatter profits.

“Those pushing the unscientific nonsense of manmade climate change — Shell, Monsanto, the international banks, Bilderberg One Worlders, carbon billionaires and their useful idiot allies on the Left — are running the biggest fraud in human history. They must and will be called to account, as should their collaborators in places such as this,” Mr Griffin concluded.

* The next MEP to speak, a German MEP, started off his talk with a plea to the chair of the session to always force Mr Griffin to speak last, while a short while later, British MEP Chris Davies called himself a “collaborator” in reference to Mr Griffin’s speech.