Australian Farmers Fight Gov’t Land Grab

Just to fill in a few gaps on Australia Henry, there is a brutal oppression and degradation here of the little man – especially the farmers, small businesses, middle-class, Christians, and white people, by government and corporations.
Peter Spencer is the sacrificial lamb. He and other farmers have had land expropriated (uncompensated) to supposedly protect everyone from global warming.

I’ve included below also a link to the Australian Protectionist Party of which I’m a member. Their site, according to an ABC report was also on the government’s blocked list for the purposes of Internet filtering.

Peter Spencer went on a hunger strike for 52 days sitting 10 metres up a pole on his property in Shannon’s Flat, New South Wales from 11/23/09 to the 1/13/10. He survived on water and supplements. He wants the Federal Government to compensate farmers for the land it had grabbed to create a “carbon sink”, in order to fulfill its obligation to the Kyoto Protocol of carbon emissions reduction.

The land grab (affecting more than 30,000 farms, according to his daughter Sarah), was accomplished via laws that had been introduced across Australia through the state governments since 1995 to protect native vegetation. Spencer wants to see a Royal Commission into the process that occurred in this take-over of rural properties.

He originally would end his hunger strike only if he could meet with the Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd. The PM never came down to see him even though Canberra is just 60 kilometres from his property, preferring instead to travel interstate to watch cricket (which he knows nothing about.) Spencer decided to end his hunger strike as he had gained a lot of support and was persuaded that he was more effective fighting on the ground than starving himself to death.

On January 5th, at least 300 farmers met outside Parliament House, Canberra to support Spencer. Hundreds more would have attended if Canberra bureaucrats hadn’t rushed Road Traffic Authority inspectors over to the buses heading towards the protest. Senator Barnaby Joyce has since invited Spencer to attend the opening of Parliament (02/02/10), hopefully to bring about the Royal Commission requested.


Peter Spencer has his detractors that say he owes a lot of money to his sister, that his farm’s grazing land isn’t good, and that he has a volatile personality. Regardless of Mr Spencer’s imperfections, he has still been unjustly treated by governments who forbid him from using 40% of his own property. He is not just fighting for himself, but for thousands of others.

Lindsay Tanner, the Federal Finance Minister said that the Government didn’t have enough money to pay compensation to the farmers, though it has plenty to splash around for overseas dictatorships, etc. Rudd said he wouldn’t change his policies due to threats or hunger strikes, yet he has attended to illegal immigrants who have done just that.

Rudd said compensation should be settled in the courts, but Justice Rothman said compensation over this matter shouldn’t be paid through the courts. Because the Federal Government got the states to do the dirty deed, farmers are not eligible for compensation, as the state constitutions and laws don’t allow for it.


In Australia, there continues to be a strong push for an emissions trading scheme (ETS), even despite the failure of Copenhagen. This would cripple a lot of people, not just farmers. As people are becoming aware that it is just a massive tax that will make no difference to the atmosphere, opposition to the ETS is growing. The government for a long time kept quiet about it so as to sneak it in. Rudd has said that skeptics of global warming are dangerous and well-funded, but the side supporting the theory of anthropogenic global warming is the side that’s actually dangerous and overwhelmingly well-funded.

Attacks on farmers is nothing new, they can be traced back at least to the Lima Declaration, which involved the transfer of wealth from Australia to the developing world. In my home state of Victoria,the attacks are relentless. A number of landholders who weren’t allowed to clear fuel (sticks and leaves, etc) from around their own houses died in last year’s Black Saturday bushfire. A massive pipeline is being built to steal water away from a food bowl and supply extra water to Melbourne, to help sustain the 1000 new immigrants arriving there each week, even though the option exists to build an extra dam. A water stand has been taken away close to where I live and the sale-of-land taxes have been pushed up to astronomical levels so that farmers will move out and Melbourne can expand out cheaply.

The original goal of the Illuminati and later Communism was the destruction of the private property. If that axiom could be projected to the destruction or suppression of the little man, it becomes clear why the once proud men of the land need to be suppressed.

Another tactic of the NWO seems to be the pushing of guilt onto the little guy – like, how dare you own a farm, look at how it’s warming up the planet! Is the emptying of the countryside taking place for a corporate take-over, and is the continual condensing of Australia’s population into the cities occurring for easy control of the population?