Migrant chaos at Budapest train station; Germany says EU rules still hold

Introduction — Sept 1, 2015

The following presents readers with what purports to be an account of the refugee crisis affecting Europe. Only it omits to mention crucial background facts making it little more than disinformation.
Beyond the obvious fact that most of the refugees are fleeing violence and upheaval in the Middle East, particularly in Syria, Libya and Iraq, the following report omits to ask one question: what is behind the violence and upheaval the refugees are fleeing?
It’s a crucial question that unanswered prevents us seeing the bigger picture.
Reuters however, doesn’t bother to ask. Instead it portrays the “crisis” without examining the forces that helped create it in the first place. As if it were just some accident of modern history.
It’s not. The majority of refugees are fleeing violence and upheaval in Syria, Iraq and Libya. Three parts of the world that have seen Western military intervention, such as Libya and Iraq; or conflicts where fighters have been covertly aided and financed by the West and its allies in the gulf states, as in Syria.
Some of the other refugees come from even further away, such as Afghanistan, another area of conflict where the West has been involved in “peacekeeping” operations.
No mention of this in the following Reuters report. None at all. Only that the refugees are fleeing violence and upheaval NOT what caused it.
So while the world’s foremost news agency reports on the situation unfolding in Budapest, it omits to mention the REAL forces behind it. Making it little better than disinformation. Ed.

Migrants face Hungarian police in the main Eastern Railway station in Budapest, Hungary

Migrant chaos at Budapest train station; Germany says EU rules still hold

By Krisztina Than and Madeline Chambers — Reuters Sept 1, 2015

BUDAPEST/BERLIN (Reuters) – Hundreds of angry migrants demonstrated outside Budapest’s Eastern Railway Terminus on Tuesday demanding they be allowed to travel on to Germany, as the biggest ever influx of migrants into the European Union left its asylum policies in tatters.

Around 1,000 people waved tickets, clapping, booing and shouting “Germany! Germany!” outside the station. Later they sat down, staring at a police blockade erected at the entrance.

“Please, we are human too,” said a sign in German held up by a young boy in a smaller group which protested into the evening.

A refugee crisis rivaling the Balkan wars of the 1990s as Europe’s worst since World War Two has polarized and confounded the European Union, which has no mechanism to cope with the arrival of hundreds of thousands of poor and desperate people.

Germany is likely to accept by far the largest share. In the case of those fleeing the Syrian civil war it has effectively suspended an EU rule that asylum seekers must apply in the first EU country they reach.

But with trainloads of migrants rolling into Munich and Rosenheim from Austria and Hungary, it insisted on Tuesday that the rule was nevertheless still in force and urged other EU countries to abide by it.

The vast majority of refugees fleeing violence and other migrants escaping poverty arrive on Europe’s southern and eastern edges but are determined to press on and seek asylum in richer countries further north and west. That means illegally crossing a bloc with no internal border controls to stop them.

Hungary has emerged as one of the main flashpoints of the crisis as the primary gateway for migrants traveling over land through the Balkans and into the EU.

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